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Home remedies for itchy and irritating skin in men

Home remedies for itchy and irritating skin in men

An itch on any part of the body is an embarrassing situation that most people cannot resist.  Some unpleasant irritants lead to the habit of scratching. Men find this problem when the penis becomes infected and irritating.  There can be several reasons for this problem. It can be due to some sexually transmitted disease, or a sore, or due to improper hygiene.

 Dry Skin – Care and Treatment

The most common reason of itching in men or women is a dry skin. The best method to prevent this itch is to moisturize the skin daily with cream or petroleum jelly. Some other ways in which to treat dry skin is to take shorter baths with Luke warm water andadd few drops of oil in the water to moisturize the skin.

Types of itchy and irritating skin in men

  • Yeast infection– is due to dry skin this is caused by an orgasm called candida albicans which is always present in the skin, but at times there are symptoms of redness, itching, peeling of skin and some discharge.  Yeast infection is not dangerous, but is very contagious fungal infection.
  • Jock itch– is another common fungal infection in men is itching on the penis and groin area. This is also very contagious. It can spread by sharing towels, clothes and other personal items
  • Psoriasis– is seen in men on the penis or even in other parts of the body. This condition is not contagious.

Natural Remedies to give relief from itching

  • Coconut oil—works wonders on dry skin, insect bite or whatever be the cause of irritation. It can be applied directly or mixed in water to have  bath
  • Petroleum Jelly—works well for sensitive skin. It makes the skin smooth and has no harsh reaction on the skin.
  • Lemonis the best medicine for an itchy skin. The Vitamin C and the oil in lemon have the power to make the skin numb and help in inflammation. Lemon slice rubbed directly on the affected area IV very effective.
  •  Baking Sodacan be applied on the irritating skin by applying a paste prepared with water. It can also be added to bathing water.
  •  Tulsi- has certain medicinal qualities that help in reducing irritation. The leaves can be directly rubbed on the affected area or by making a decoction with water and dabbing it on the area with cotton wool.
  •  Apple Cider Vinegar- is a good antiseptic and antifungal lotion for itchy skin. It can be used directly or by adding it to the water for bath.
  •  Aloe Vera- has a moisturizing action and is found very effective in keeping the skin smooth and giving relief from itching.
  • Vinegar-  this folk remedy can be tried for chapped hands. Wash your hand let it dry thoroughly, then apply vinegar and put the soft gloves and leave them on overnight.
  • Salt– after shower take a hand full of salt and massage onto the wet skin it helps to remove dry skin and make your skin smoot.
  • Oatmeal-oats are packed with vitamin E, adding instant oatmeal to your bath will soothe your skin. It is also used a folk remedy for treating dry, chapped skin. (or) Rub your hands with wet oatmeal instead of soaf. your hands with wet oatmeal instead of soap.

These ingredients found in the homes are sure to make the irritation subside, but if for some reason there is no relief the doctor must be consulted to find the reason for irritation. It can be due to allergy to clothes, cosmetics, food or medicine. This can be found by some tests conducted by the doctor. In some cases the color of the skin changes in the itchy area and the itching is very severe it is necessary to consult a doctor and start taking treatment at the right time.