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Natural homemade face creams for men

Natural homemade face creams for men

 A wish for a glowing, supple and blemish free skin is the growing trend in men or women these days. There are several cosmetic companies that are making good business to fulfil this desire of men and women. There is an increased supply of fairness creams for men and women, moisturizers, soaps and cleansing products, sunscreen lotions in the market. These lotions and creams turn out to be very expensive and the results are not always satisfactory. It must be remembered that skin is the natural gift of God and it is best to take care of it with natural homemade products.

 Facial Mask is a part of daily skin care for men. Men’s skin is much oilier than women’s. The oiler skin of men requires cleaning, toning, and moisturizing daily. This will help in getting rid of the dirt and particles that clog the pores of the skin that make it look dull.   Homemade facial masks are helpful in treating skin disorders. The homemade face masks can be easily made, are cheap and mostly give good results.

Examples of Homemade masks—

  • A mixture of two tablespoon of honey and two tablespoon of milk applied for 10 minutes gives wonderful results.
  • Application of one fourth mashed banana for twentyminutes is also helpful.
  •  A mask can be made of egg and almond oil and applied for 10 minutes.
  •  A paste of fuller earth (Multani matti) mixed with rose water or egg white or honey or distilled water can be applied on an oily skin.
  •  A mask of milk and honey helps in giving instant glow to the skin.
  •  A thick paste of  corn flour or bean  applied in circular motion and rubbed off when dry  makes the skin glow from inside.

Some the  most masculine essential oils are cypress, oakmoss, bergamont, clary sage,lime, spruce, sage, fir, thyme, cedar, neroli and sandalwood.

Face Cleaners and moisturizers

Scrubbing the face will help in getting rid of the dry skin and makes it soft and smooth. Here is a recipe of a homemade scrub that can be done twice a week–

Make a paste of two tablespoon of oatmeal, pinch of salt, one teaspoon water half teaspoons of honey and olive oil. Rub it on the skin in circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Homemade Nourishing Face Cream

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • ¼ cup almond oil and 5-6 drops of any essential oil

Make a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter by heating it on a double boiler and adding almond oil. Place it in the fridge for half an hour to cool.  Run the semi-solid mixture with an electric blender until it looks like a whipped cream.  Store this in a jar and use it daily

There are many skin care ingredients in nature for fairness and glow of the skin. The homemade cosmetics have proved to be very effective, safe and less costly and they are suitable for every type of skin.  There is no danger of any reaction or after effects of the natural products made at home.