Myths About Antioxidant – Antioxidant foods for men


Free radicals are the by products of metabolic process – oxidation, These radical molecules are not constant but regulate the additional DNA. Though free radicals are necessary to us, they are main causers of the serious problems like cancer, heart diseases and parkinsons. Antioxidants fights with these free radicals and reduces the above problems to occur. In similar immune cells also punch the free radicals to reach some bacteria in the process of killing them.

  • Large amounts of free radicals are coming through the pace of cigarette smoking, over exposure to direct sun light and environmental pollutants. Too much of free radicals gives harmful effects, They work against with antioxidants and defeat them resulting in the damage of cells and other diseases.
  • We are in the need of high amount of antioxidants in order to fight the free radicals. Antioxidants can be gained by the adequate intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, liquid juices and with the precise lifestyle. Here are few tips to add antioxidants through the daily food and daily care.
  • Drink antioxidants – Many of the liquids contains great contents of antioxidants. You can try drinking various beverages like green tea, cherry juice, cranberry juice, coffee and fruit smoothies. Don’t take a single kind of liquid more often but consume more kinds atleast single time.
  • Go spicy – We think additional spices will trigger problems like acidic gas, but there are advantages of using spices and herbs. They are one of the fine sources of antioxidants, add the spices to your regular food by sprinkling on the above and go with turmeric herb well known for its antioxidants quantities.
  • Prefer Nuts – Nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidants. Prefer almonds and sunflower seeds which comprises of vitamin E.
  • Eating different food items under unique colors gives more antioxidants, taking unique colors is nothing but getting variety antioxidants. Choose two to three different colored fruits and vegetables, to increase the consumption you can make juice by combining them.
  • Are you fond of chocolates! that’s good they help you in promoting positive corner to the healthy heart, eat dark chocolates or prepared from natural cocoa.
  • Nutrients in the food rely on the way you cook, if you are consuming the raw vegetables there is an increase in the antioxidants levels, so prefer eating raw vegetables like carrots,   etc. It is recommended to cook the tomatoes as they produce the prostate cancer fighting element lycopene.
  • Steps to follow while cooking vegetables.
  • Don’t remove the peel of the vegetables While you are going to prepare the food with cooked vegetables and reduce the size of chopping them.
  • Soaking the vegetables in the water will deducts the proteins among them, So, before you are cooking the vegetables do not soak them. Where as frozen vegetables contains rich amount of oxidants.
  • While cooking the vegetables do not cook them in low heat for long time cook it with high heat. Steaming keeps the nutrients.
  • People who cook the food in copper dishes lose the vitamin C. Copper minimizes the vitamin C.
  • Seek and perform the above simple tips to increase the antioxidants level.