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Most useful ways to make your marriage stronger


Let your marriage be six months or sixty years old, always learning helps you to become a better spouse. Happy couples are the ones who on purpose make efforts to learn how to make their marriage strong. As believed men at work are educated frequently for the betterment of knowledge they possess. Similarly couples need to be educated on how to get their marriage better to reduce the divorce rates. Mostly there isn’t any special training on this regard, we can observe our parents life and TV to learn from it. Most common thing we do in our married life is to battle about everyday jobs, manage each other with blame, take each other for granted, and chitchat about each other to friends, parents and even our kids. We never think that men and women are different and need to understand and appreciated mankind. Often wife gets agitated when husband act like a man and husband gets irritated when their wife acts like a woman. Below mention are the most important five ways that can make your marriage stronger.

  1. Try to find out what your wife or husband likes. Sometime woman like to be surprised with flower, men like to be pampered when they come home after a long working hour. In certain cases wife likes to be complimented in front of your friends and family or by just helping them with daily chores without asking for. So know what your spouse likes you to do without him or her telling you to do the same. In case you are not sure about what your spouse likes just simply ask, this will show your concern for the other.
  2. The things you have done before marriage can be continued or done again, plan a surprise outing. Take your spouse for a surprise dates; see to it that you both are not accompanied by others. Avoid taking your parents or kids, a little time together will make lot of difference. This will help attach you both and can have discussions between each other.
  3. You can always learn from the couples who had strong marriage. Try to spend time with them. Learn from them how to treat, show love and concern for each other. Even mere eye contacts do lots of communication, so learn from them how to gaze at each other. But it is better to avoid couples who blame each other, wife crabby about her husband and husband angry with his wife.
  4. Never forget to give first precedence to your marriage. Let it be parents, kids or work spouse should be your first preference. Only if you have a good and happy marriage can you satisfy the others, so know how to manage it well.
  5. You can always gain knowledge from books. There are lots of books on any topics. You can talk to a counselor or attend any seminars conducted to improve marriage.

Most of the marriages face problems because the partners show their worst in each other. They usually try to manage but end up blaming each other.