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Moisturizing tips for men

It is important for men to have the perfect moisturizing tips during the winter months. Moisturizing helps the skin stay in the best of state and there is no unnecessary drying of the skin during the season. Once you are aware that your skin is getting dry you should treat the same with the right moisturizing variety and this is sure to help the skin stay well ever and always.

Your feet do lot of hard work in a day but coming to caring it is usually given small importance in your daily routine. You don’t need to go for a parlor and take pedicure steps but giving few minutes of time in a day and applying moisturizer are key points to prevent the dry and cracked heels. You will get the healthy feet when you do more than just keeping them clean. So require beyond the foaming and washing.

The right moisturizer

When you are going to buy the moisturizer pick the perfect one that works great on your feet. As there are many options, so you can try the one fits to your skin. If it is your thought to buy a moisturizing cream that fills the moisture in all the skin areas, than rather its better not to use any moisturizer at all. How ever, balms, creams, gels and lotions are specially made for a specific skin area. For example an eye cream consists of mild ingredients to address the delicate skin. Like wise feet needs a moisturizer with thick formula that can penetrate deep in to the skin and protect it from various feet problems.

When to apply moisturizer

The ideal time to apply the moisturizer to the feet is after the very second of washing them. Your feet absorbs the most of the moisturizing feet after it got washed preferably when they are still damp.

Go with the body washes that doesn’t contains any chemicals which may strip the natural oils from the foot. Well, it is remedy to be followed for the whole body. Select the moisturizing soaps and washes to retain them healthy. If they are encompassed with alcohol, just keep them at bay.

Make sure the area between your toes are completely dry after you use towel to pat. Moisture between the toes with the lotion or a cream. Any water or moist remained may calls for fungal infections and it may also leads to the athlete’s foot.

Prevent blisters

If you are a person who mostly dedicate your foot to shoes due to any reason, you need to care your feet to prevent them from blisters. Make sure the combination of socks and shoes fit perfect otherwise the friction may leads to blisters.

Apply a dash of powder to your feet before to going to wear the shoes, it helps in the reduction of sweat. Try applying the famous lubricants like petroleum jelly and stick-formatted products like body glide to restrict the development of blisters on your feet. If you are already caught with blister, then the above lubricants helps to ease the pain.


The mechanism of exfoliation relieves the feet from dead skin cells. During your bath or after rub the feet with a pumice stone to flush the dead skin which is followed with the application of moisturizing cream. Instead of pumice stone you can try using sandpaper to get the result of same.

Selecting the preferred moisturizer brand

The first thing that you should do is to pick the perfect and the most suitable moisturizer from the shelf. When you are selecting the stuff there are certain things that you need to notice. First, the moisturizer should not have excess of perfume or alcohol. This will Affect the skin more and leave it dry and sensitive. It is best to look for the moisturizer with SPF. It should have that sun protection factor so that when you are out in the sun there are lesser chances for your skin to be dull and dry. It is best if the moisturizer has all the helpful ingredients like dimethicone, urea, petroleum, lanolin, hydraulic acid, glycerine and the rest. It is best that you choose the thicker moisturizers. Men’s skins are tough and this is the reason it is important that you choose something that can be on the skin for the longest time span.

The working of the moisturizer on the skin of the men

It is equally important that you make the moisturiser work for the benefit of your skin. In case if you feel it is necessary you can apply the moisturizer three to four times on the skin. This is to maintain the natural softness of the skin texture. You should apply the moisturizer over the hands every time you wash them and you should also apply the same on all parts of the skin every time you take a shower. If you apply the moisturizer before having a shower make sure that you dry the skin careful in order to retain the softness of the same. It is best that you apply the sort of brand which will allow the natural locking of the moisture content of the skin. You should allow the moisturizer to settle on the skin and this is sure to make the skin appear so fresh and glowing. You should allow the moisturizer to settle on the skin and for the same you should have a gentle patting of the skin.

Don’t have too much of shower

It is important to know that men should not have long time showers when it is winter. This can make the skin excessive dry. Too much exposure of the skin to the water will cause excessive dryness of the skin and you are made to feel so uncomfortable. This is the reason you should not be under the shower for more than 15 minutes. Unnecessary exposure to water can really make the skin feel tremendously dry and lifeless. Less of shower and more of moisturizer is the perfect mantra for the winter season.

Treating the skin with an oil based soap

At the time of shower it is best not to use abrasive soaps for the cleaning of the skin. Abrasive and rough soaps can cause deterioration of the skin. This is the reason it is best to make the perfect use of the smoother variety. You can use soap with lots of oil and glycerine content. This will help the skin be in the best of order. This will help you feel the nourishment from within. You can have skin exfoliation once in every week. More of skin exfoliation can make the same absolutely dry and shine less.

Choosing the right clothes to wear

In winter it is important that you select the right attires to wear. You should not wear clothes that are too tight. In case you have excessive dry skin the tightness of the garment can make it dryer. The fabric should not come in close contact with the skin. This is sure to cause unnecessary roughness of the skin and make you feel so uncomfortable. There are some fabrics that can make the skin feel so itchy. Try to select something which is smooth and good for the skin. This way you can really make the skin breathe and now the dryness is not so prominent.

Dressing up the right way

In winter months men should know how to dress up the right way. It is important that you cover up the skin with the perfect attire. This will not allow the cold air to come in contact with the skin. You should even cover up your hands with the gloves. This will provide the apt protection to the skin of the hands and make you stay warm and comfortable. You should wear longer socks in winter. This will help in keeping the legs covered and protected. In fact, you should do everything to prevent the cold air come in contact to the skin. Then you may find the skin peeling off. So make sauté that you wear the right thing at the right time to save the skin from the harshness of winter.

In winter you should have the habit of wearing the skin friendly attires. Make sure not to use too strong perfumes during the winter days as these can cause excessive skin dryness.

The right shaving tips

Make sure that you shave the right way once you see the whiskers growing. The shaving technique should be right this time. In order to prevent the drying of the skin it is best that you shave just after having shower. This is the time when the pores remain more unleashed and this does not make the shaving abrasive. You can choose to have an electric blade for shaving but make sure that you change the blade often. Shaving with the same blade again and again can cause unnecessary hardening of the skin texture. Before shaving make sure to apply oil on the skin. This will help you to have a smoother shaving experience.