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Mistakes Women Make While Seeking Partner

While being in the love its fine to drown in the feelings and thoughts but listening to your brain is far more precious when choosing partner for the life time. Even some women are most intelligent in her work and managing things she may be lagging while seeking a perfect partner, while coming to love even the smartest woman do few mistakes which may turn her repent for life.We do the things in stupid manner some times when we have countless feelings on some one. Its good to offer the things according to his wish but it is not that much good if you do it for all the times. While you are in the dating you need to hop between mind and heart, use both of them in the dating period in order to get the perfect better half. You need to sensitive to few things at the same time you need to headstrong in other things.While coming to love women thinking tends to stay in her heart, and due to because of the same reason she might fall in making few mistakes. Let us see some common mistakes that women do while choosing her partner.

Mistakes Women Make While Seeking Partner
Being in the past

Most of the women cannot come out from the past relationship, though they chosen to be in a new relation they still dwell in the past relation. Thinking about the ex-partner and past moments doesn’t make a clear road for the next drive. So before going to a new relation ask yourself whether you got ready with new relation or you are trying to be there just to avoid loneliness.

Never cross
If you are seeking for a long term relationship with your partner never cross your physical limits. To be as his life or his girl stay as a good girl.

Well, you cannot change the men’s nature. Never expect to get a precise person in your life every one have their own flaws. If you met a good guy give him a chance, chances are that you find he is the best person for you though having the flaws.

Never pretend
Be the girl of your own way, if you are fun and loudy person  be that. If you are a calm going girl stay in that mode. Changing yourself according to the situations may captivate his attention for now but in the future it leads to some problems when he find you are not that kind.

Available to him in most of the times but not always. Being available at all the time periods is not a great thing, give your personal priorities. Never ditch your friends parties because of him. Let him understand that you are having your priorities too.

Get from past
There might be many reasons behind your past broken relation. Think about it, get them in clear and make a list. When found out any mistakes and the pattern that went wrong try to avoid them in your new relation.