Mistakes that can not be forgiven by women

Mistakes that can not be forgiven by women

For the mistakes or quirks most of the women forgive their men and in comparison women are toppers who decrease their ego utmost but there are few things that hurts the women deep and takes to her to a level where can’t even forgive his partner. Let us check some general conditions.

Judging and criticizing you

It was your favorite dress on which you have spent a lot of money, the day come to you to wear.  Amidst you may listen up a voice saying “the dress is bad and it’s not suits you”, its your boy friend who doesn’t like your costume you wear.  In some conditions his judgement may be good but its not a good thing for every time.

Talking negative with your friends

He is with you and praises for every thing that you make, on the other flip of the coin he is commenting you about your qualities and attitude at your friends. When the girl came to realize that it was happened she really don’t want to forgive him.

Disregard towards health

Every women expects care from her man, but if he rude and not good makes her to feel sad. There are few persons who smoke before their women though knowing she is having asthma problem. This kind of attitude annoys her.

Treating your pet in wrong direction

It really hurts a girl who loves her pet and such conditions even leads to weak bonding.

Play boy

When you came to know that your guy is hopping from one girl to the another, it will be the biggest thing a women never forgive for. In addition he might spice up the thing by saying ‘she is my friend’ or ‘she is my relative’ or ‘we have not been into any relation’. What ever the cause he explains, after she got the truth it’s tough and mostly don’t work to forgive.

Array of excuses

When you make a call and invite him that its your birthday party, he told you that i have lot of work but you watched him on the same day out. Apart from this repeating of the excuses list, all will trigger to a weak bonding.

Is he using !

If he is asking for money all the time that you met! and mostly are you meeting him just to give money. Then check it right,  is he is towards your love or money. A girl can’t forgive a person who takes money and cheats on the name of love.


Most of women don’t like a men who is an alcoholic and speaks the abusing language while he drunk,  similar to that a chain smoker also will not be a person in the women’s heart. To get out from that he might even told you many lies.

Pushing religion

If he is pushing his religion on you, it feels hard to stay calm. Does he forcing to you to change from your religion to his in specific! It shows its negative effects on the men and reaches to a condition where she doesn’t even forgive him.

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