Men’s winter fashion tips

Men’s winter fashion tips

mens winter fashion

Winter is the season of holidays, love, joy, celebrations, gratitude, festivals, etc., and is loved by all. In winters, one needs to have an appropriate wardrobe for keeping themselves warm. It is often seen that, men complain that they do not have as much options women do, when it comes to clothing. But, if men pay a little attention to the way they dress, they can make a remarkable impression of themselves and their personality as well.

Fashion, clothing, styling, etc., plays a very important role in making a statement, without even making a conversation. It portrays the personality of people. And such an important phenomena should not be left unnoticed in the chilling winters, neither do fashion need to take rest in this season.

Men should keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. All men should get rid of the myth that they cannot look handsome in layers; rather, if carried properly, layers can make a man look handsome, charming and attractive like never before, and keep them protected from the chills of the season, too.

Though the winter is on, it’s not the time to off your style. May be you are under the thick clothes that can may you feel warm but induce style in it and adopt the fashion that is moving….

Wearing  a good hat and tough clothing in the winter season, not just these two, there are many winter do’s and don’ts you need to follow  in this winter season under the name of winter fashion.

Hold a classic hat

Wearing the cotton creation give you the necessary warmth but most of the people ignore them as they are too far from the fashion. But you can follow simple solutions like basic ski caps, bowlers hats, newsboy hats and fedoras which keep the heat and don’t allows the cold winds.

Take care of your leather

Before the birth of the man made faux furs and nylons, the most ruled fabrics were leather. Leather jackets are probably one of the best wearing for men in the winter to protect their body from the chilly winds. But their cost is high, so you also need to care while maintaining them.  Avoid using the cheap leather, drying radiator heat and salt-wielding neighbors.

Here are simple tips to maintain the leather clothing in the winter season and to keep them look better. The leather clothing can be protected from the damaging moisture by using the water repellent sprays. However you can use a damp cloth to treat the salt lines, if it’s already too late, a mixture made from equal amounts of water and vinegar can help you easily.

A layer of vest

A layer of vest on your body is the final protective layer on your body to combat with the cold. Wear it over the top-less sweater to retain your limbs covered. The key here is to keep everything equal. Pair up the chunkier sweaters with similarly sturdy vests and finer gauge knits with the help of leaner and lightweight ones.

How to tie scarf

Wrap the scarf around the neck, which is a major area our body releases heat. In three ways you can tie the scarf, You can hop from one style to the another depending on the mood. To follow the Parisian style of tying a scarf, You need to fold the scarf lengthwise and pull both the ends from the loop created on the opposite ends. It is best way to get the warmth. Another way involves with retaining the scarf around the neck, where one side you will find the long length and on the other side with low length and wrapping it around and through the loop. Wash your scarfs after using them two to three times, otherwise they tend to develop bacteria in your skin.

Get a pair of perfect winter shoes and socks

Get a pair of shoes and socks which can make your feet warm and happy. Among those, UGG boots have a great emphasize, they are unisex boots and traveled among the best places in the world from its native place Australia.

Dos and don’ts of winter fashion for men

With very simple and basics techniques, men can learn how to nail their winter look and not put their style at rest ad locked in the closet for the season. The following dos and don’ts will certainly help men to look their best in the winters:

  • Leather Jackets: Faux furs, nylons, synthetic fibers, etc., can be dropped by men and they should be replaced with quality leather, patent leather and suede. Leather helps to block the chilly wind in the winters to get to the body of the men and the look which leather jackets provide to the ones wearing them, is to die for.
  • Dos: Leather jackets are very flexible as they can be worn for casual hangouts with friends, movie date, clubbing, etc.; in other words, it is a complete package, which helps to enrich men’s wardrobe. It is very important that men take due care of their leather jackets. To save the leather jackets from the moisture, water-repellent sprays should be used; for suede, toothbrushes and knead able erasers should be used to get rid of the stains and scuffs.
  • Don’ts: Men should never opt for cheap leather, as it could be very uncomfortable, shabby and give an unimpressive look. Salt-wielding neighbors, intense washing and drying radiator heat should be avoided.
  • Winter Hats: It is of utmost importance that people cover their head in the winters; otherwise, they can fall sick. If men stay updated with fashion, then they can easily understand the kind of hat they need in winters to protect them from the chills.
  • Dos: Bowlers, fedoras, ski caps and newsboy hats should be worn by men, these hats are very effective in keeping the chills out and also add up to the style quotient of men.
  • Don’ts: Home-made hats from wools and other materials should be avoided. Men should strictly not opt for ear warmers, ear muffs and pom-pom hats, this is because they look very funny and over-fancy to a mature liking.
  • Add vest to your layers: Vests are very simple convenient layers, which helps to keep the body warmer and increase the style quotient as well. With appropriate vests men can look effortlessly stylish and make a distinctive statement.
  • Dos: Men should always keep in mind that the vest which they layer should be subtle and be of pastel shades, as pastels compliment the subtlety of the vests very well and gives a soothing look.
  • Don’ts: Oversized and loose vests should be avoided. Men should also strictly avoid sweaters with Douglas firs, bright colors and reindeer, as they ruin the sophistication of the vests and does not look very attractive.
  • Tie scarves neatly: Scarves are worn to protect the neck from getting too cold, by it wrapping it around the neck. Now, the question is how to wrap a scarf neatly. Men should know that the same piece of scarf can be hit or a miss for them, depending upon the way in which it is tied.
  • Dos: Tie the scarf neatly. Men can learn the techniques on the internet, where video demonstration on how to tie different styles of scarves, in an easy manner.
  • Don’ts: Never throw one end of the scarf over the shoulder; it is too simple and very unattractive.

Importance of winter fashion

Fashion varies with every season, but it need not rest. Most of the men have the misconception that in winters, the style can be put on break and attention should be paid on keeping themselves warm. If men learn the winter fashion trend, they can have utmost protecting from the chills of the winters and look extremely stylish at the same time. Winter fashion does not only comprise of warm clothing, but warm boots and accessories too. From leather jackets to high boots, a charm is added to the personality of men. With the help of the regular updates of the winter fashion men can look sophisticated, funky and quirky, etc., with the variety of clothing provided to them. All the men need to do is discover their style, get the accurate clothing, footwear, accessories, etc., and learn to carry them effortlessly and with ease.  One must understand that looks play an important role in making an impactful impression. When a person looks good, he feels good as well, which helps him to build self-confidence and not be conscious about himself. Clothing defines the taste of the people, which draws attention of the people towards them and help to have a distinctive feature. If men find it very difficult to know about the latest trends, then they can avail all the information, with images, portraying how to carry the winter fashion, in abundance on the internet, this would also help them to discover their own personal style and have a very commendable look.

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