Men’s skin care and skin types

Men’s skin care and skin types

The entire regimen of the skin care differs with the type of the skin that you have born with, whether it is oily, dry or combination skin, every kind has its own properties and formulas to deal with. Once you find your cadre you can pick the products to sport on.

Oily skin

The following properties features the oily skin: Oily and greasy skin texture with enlarger or wide open pores. Skin often leads to break outs and
acne prone, in some of the people blackheads and pop up of white bumps is very prevalent.

Combination skin

Combination skin type is the most common skin type most of the men have. It is the blend of both oil and dry skin. You can figure out the oiliness in the center part of the face and dryness in the remaining areas, especially the dryness can be viewed on the cheeks. People with combination skin
typically have dryness at the eye area to the rest of the areas.

Dry skin

A rough skin texture which is more prone to itchiness and skin irritation is the nature of the dry skin. Apparently it shows the visible skin flakes and uneven texture, especially redness when you are dealing with drying skin care products. Dry skin don’t have the extended pores and the bunches of blackheads.

Sensitive skin

The kind of skin type that easily reacts with the pollution, pollen’s and dirt, it develops rashes, redness and irritation very often and easy when there is no proper care. So, it is too good to try out the skin care products which are usually formulated for sensitive skin. If you are hopping out of the track, a patch test is highly recommended on any other parts of the skin apart from face. The vital is avoiding the ones which are purely dedicated to fragrances and rough, as they simply irritates your skin and calls for the reactions.

Follow the proper men’s skin care routine as given below

  • Cleanser, use a gentle liquid cleanser to get back to clear and dirt-free skin.
  • Exfoliator, exfoliate your skin for once in a week with out jump. Scrubbing may cause the irritation and inflammation over the skin, so use a mild scrub or give up using it.
  • Men with acne prone skin are needed to divert towards the products that contain benzoyl peroxide.
  •  Always make sure you are wearing the sunscreen with SPF 15 or more than that to protect from the skin from sun rays and tanning, applying moisturizer at night is a good follow up.
  • Men skin care products that are made with beta hydroxy acid helps in many ways. It flaunts the anti-redness properties, removes the action of pore clogging and dull looking skin.
  • You need to keep some products at bay if you identified the presence of alcohol, peppermint, excess fragrance and menthol. Unfortunately more and more men products contain irritants so be wise while you are choosing.

It is relevant that men these days are equally conscious regarding skin care. They like to take the right care of the skin just like the women. They want to appear as attractive as ever and for this they need to know the type of skin they have and what ingredients to use in order to maintain the healthy texture of the skin.

Types of skin

It is a matter of worry if you have dry skin for the winter. This is the time the skin tends to get extra dry and the skin becomes so scaly and shine free. This is the reason it is time that you take extra care of the skin and try to get rid of the dryness at the earliest. It is great problem if you have oily skin for the summer months. It becomes difficult for you to control the oiliness and for this you have to take to the right measures to keep the skin under control. You even have combination skins, rough skins and skins with patches and acnes. The best is to have the normal skin type which can well compromise with all weather and climactic conditions. If you have normal skin you don’t have to do anything extra.

Honey for the dry skin

If you have dry skin you can apply honey after shaving. This will help in relieving skin irritation. After you retain the honey for ten to fifteen minutes you can wash off the same with normal warm water. This way the skin is sure to be warm and soft and the skin is sure to get rid of all dryness.

Oatmeal for dry skin

Once again when the skin is dry you can use the paste of oatmeal to soothe the dryness and make the skin feel soft and nourished. You can put oatmeal in the blender and apply water to the same to make a fine paste. The paste should be applied on the face once in every week and this is done to smoothen the skin of the face and also to remove dead skin cells and open the pores. Now the skin feels so normal and rejuvenated.

Lemon and egg for oily skin

When the skin is too oily you have one effective remedy for the purpose. To make the skin better and reduce the oiliness you can make use of egg white and teaspoon of lemon juice. You can mix the ingredients well to make a mask for the face. You should allow the mask to dry and then it is time that you wash off the same with warm water. After you have cleaned the face the skin is sure to feel so perfectly fresh and nourished.

Apple cider vinegar to lessen body odour

There are people with acute body odour. This is a kind of social embarrassment and for the reason it is essential that you treat the condition at the best. In order to reduce the odour of the body you have to take two table spoon of apple cider vinegar. You should add the vinegar to the bathing water and use the same in order to lessen the odour. This will make you feel so fresh and odour free after the bath and it is the best to feel so fresh and rejuvenated.

Shea butter for cracked lips

As part of the skin care regimen it is best for men to take care of the cracked lips. Men can have daily rubbing of the lips with Shea Butter. This is going to make the lips feel so soft. In the process the lips are sure to stay nourished and juicy for the entire year.

Jojoba oil for the dry skin

You have jojoba oil therapy for dry skin. To make the solution you need three cups of warm water. You need wash cloth and you also need half tea spoon of jojoba oil. It is time that you dip the washcloth in warm water and then apply the same on the face. You should keep the cloth for five to seven minutes and then it is time to remove the same. Then it is time that you massage the skin with the oil and after it gets soaked it is time that you remove the same with the application of the washcloth.

Sour cream mask for the face

You can even arrange for a sour cream mask for the face. For this you will need two tablespoon of sour cream and 3 table spoons of gram flour. You should make a paste with sour cream and gram flour. After you have cleaned the face nicely it is time that you apply the paste on the face and retain the same for 20 minutes. Then it is time that you rinse the same with cold water to remove the paste completely.

Tomato for the oily skin

Tomato is a good remedy for the oily skin. Tomatoes help in cooling the skin. It has all the astringent properties and this helps in the best of skin clarification. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and this makes it just right for acne prone skin. Tomatoes have oil absorbing acids and this is the reason it can help the skin bet rid of the excess oil. It is important that you cut the tomatoes in two slices and start rubbing the same on the face. The skin should be allowed to soak the juice at least for fifteen minutes. Then it is time that you rinse the skin well with cold water and after you have made the skin dry it is time that you apply light and oil free moisturizer.

Yogurt for the oily skin

Yogurt is also good for oily skin. Yogurt has lactic acid and this helps in perfect skin exfoliation. Yogurt also helps in absorbing the excess oil from the face. For this it is necessary that you take one tablespoon of plain yogurt. You should apply the yogurt thoroughly on all parts of the face and then allow the same settle for fifteen minutes. Now it is time that you rinse the same with cold water and this should be done once every day. You can even make a paste of yogurt and oatmeal and apply the same nicely on all parts of the face. This is sure to make the skin feel absolutely oil free.

Cucumber for the oily skin

Cucumber is the perfect remedy for the oily skin. Cucumber is the sort of astringent and it is absolutely cooling and soothing. Cucumber has the high vitamin and the mineral content. Cucumber has all vitamins A and E. It even has potassium and magnesium and this makes it perfect for the sort of oily skin texture. Every night before you go to bed, it is important that you cut thin slices of cucumber and apply the same on the face. You should make the juice settle on the face for the entire night and when you wake up the next morning you can surely notice the difference.

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