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What Men want in a Woman

The mind is the most complicated thing in the universe.  It is just not a woman’s mind that is complex; the male brain is a mystery too. This complexity is specifically highlighted when choosing a life partner. We all have a general notion that just killer looks from a girl is enough to slay a guy, but that is not the thing.

What Guys Look For In Girls

Apart from physical beauty, men have a lot in their mind when they seek a mate. When planning a long-term relationship with the girl, men have a lot of categories in which the women should fit in. So not beating around the bush, here are some of the top seven things what men look for in women.

A Good Listener

Men are emotional too, and often seek someone who can listen to them without making any fuss or assumptions. Apparently, this is the most attractive and desirable quality for a woman to possess.  Listening is an important criterion, and men appreciate a woman who can listen to their problems patiently. It also shows that the woman respects the man’s views and cares about him too.

What Men Look for in Women

Kind and Affectionate

The next critical thing on the checklist is the nature of the woman, as men mostly prefer women who are affectionate and kind-hearted. Arguing or dominating type of girls is a big no-no when it comes to a long-term relationship because nobody likes a bossy character all the time.

An affectionate woman makes the man emotionally secure, and her kind-heartedness allows easy understanding, widening the scope of adjustment between the two.

What Qualities Do Men Look for in Women

Well Groomed

Men highly appreciate a woman who takes care of her looks and personal hygiene. The well-groomed women always attract the men, as they mostly smell good, look pretty, dress well and carry themselves well. It feels great to take such a woman in your arms or introduce her to your friends as your better half.

What Do Men Look for in Women

Family Oriented

A man prefers family oriented women since he wants his better half to take care of his family, his children and his needs as well. It is not like bringing in an unpaid nanny but a woman who can make his house a home.

What Men Look for in Women to Marry

Intimate Responsiveness

The one quality that a man loves about women is intimacy. It is a major factor that cements the man-woman relationship. Just a teasing touch or a hot lovemaking on the couch, the woman’s positive response to the man’s intimate approach can spice up the things between them.

What Men Want in a Woman

Humorous and Matured

Men are attracted toward women with a good sense of humor, as they are easy to gel up with and spending time with them is a lot of fun too. These women typically have a matured thought process as well, and they express their view in a clear tone without any hesitation. It creates a better ground of communication between the two genders, and evidently, the man likes such kind of quality in the woman he wants to spend his life with.

Always by Your Side

The man surely looks for a woman who can stand by him like a pillar throughout his life. A man’s life is a book of joy with great depths of sorrow as well. A woman who supports him in every kind of circumstances is undoubtedly nothing less than a blessing for him with whom he can share his happiness and find comfort when his days are gloomy.

Not Being Nosy

Every individual has their space, and it must be respected as well. Men want their women to be faithful and less inquisitive. On many occasions the women become interfering in nature with a lot of questions, trying to invade the personal space of the man which can be straining for maintaining the relationship.

So men appreciate those women who do not get too curious about everything, allowing some breathing space for them. These types of women are the first to get picked for marriage.  


Needless to say, everything is tied by the string of love, which includes both emotional as well as sexual love. A guy looks for a girl who can love him in the same way he loves her. Without love, the relationship cannot continue, and it is the primary quality that men seek in women while choosing a wife or girlfriend.

What Guys Look for in Girls

What do Men in Their 40s and 50s want in a Woman  

Men over 40 and 50 are matured with a lot of experience in their prime time. They aren’t all washed up and have a good amount of spark left in them. These old timers look for women who are intelligent, romantic, sexually active, and are completely loyal.

Stability is a crucial factor for men of such age group hence they mainly seek women who are trustworthy and can spend the rest of their life with them. They will preferably go for women who have a matured thinking with a down to earth personality. Most of all, they need a companion with whom they can have a great time and have a feeling of belonging to someone totally.