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Men skin problems and their natural home remedies

Men used to think that taking care of their skin is a womanly affair. Applying different kinds of products on their face is a womanly affair too. But the conception has changed very rapidly now. Men too want to look good these days and they are even trying out various different kinds of products and homely ways to get rid of various skin problems. They like woman do want to look attractive and well groomed. Many men do it to stay healthy and others do it to attract woman or just because they just want to be centre of attention for everyone. Men these days opt for parlours and there are many men’s parlours opening these days. And they are running very successfully indeed.

A point of difference is needed when treating men’s skin their skin is unique from women and even the nurture also varies.  Don’t run over the products which just satisfies to your nose with their fragrance but make a note that they must show affective results on your skin. How ever men skin care must address number of issues.

Men skin care

Products selection

While you are choosing the skin care products, select the one which is having antioxidants. Antioxidant fight with the oxidation process and repairs the free radical molecules. Give also importance to the products that are having Vitamin E and Coenzyme, indeed there are many other plant antioxidants which are more effective.

Razor cuts

Razor cuts and the shaving process easily gives inflammation to men. To dull this problem you can try an active component known as functional keratin.  Studies has proved that application of functional keratin will stops the production of prostaglandin E2 or PGE2, which is a biochemical track that leads for the inflammation.

Athelet’s foot

A men who works out for a long is tend to close athelet’s foot. This problem takes born at toes and spreads towards the toenails and even to the sides of feet. It is a fungal infection and can be treated with the help of Lotrimin-AF and Lamisil-AT. To avoid the infection and to not to revert wash your foot twice a day and dry them. If the home remedies are not reaching to the problem consult your doctor and follow the prescription.

Groin rash

Redness, rashes and itchiness is unsettling and jock itch is quite uncomfortable and bothering problem. The fungus which leads to the athlet’s foot in a men is the same reason for the cause of jock itch. You can get rid off it by practicing the following steps. Bathe daily, change the inner’s frequently and don’t use thick clothing in summer season.

Sun burns 

One of the best skin care tip for men is to supply vitamin B5. Consume the fluids that contain vitamin B5 along with your diet in every day. B5 protects the skin from the sunburns and gives you relief from irritation and repairs damaged tissues along with the maximization of tanning process. Tanning acts as shield to the skin and secure the skin deep layers from the harmful uv rays, which leads to skin cancer.

Sun tan  

Men are most affected by sun, if you are a person who need to work under the sun or if you are staying out from more than 15 minutes, take the help of sunscreen to escape from sun tan. A zinc oxide sun block is good in protecting the skin from the harmful rays and more than that you need to follow other precautions like wearing hat and scarf to protect yourself from the environmental pollutions and dust.Use the fluids that contains of witch hazel, which is a soothing one rather than after shave to reduce the inflammation, redness, itchiness and dryness. It helps your skin whenever you got skin cuts. Its natural antioxidant and astringent properties works effective in treating the sun burns and abrasion.

Homemade products are far better than the products that you purchase from the market by paying a high amount. In that place you can use some natural products and apply it in places where ever you are having a skin problem. Home made products are far better than those that are available outside. I agree to this point that these products will need a lot of patience and effort to make it but it will be very helpful for your skin. When you see your problems solved and your skin happy and friendly then you will be happy that your hard work of making it paid you off.

Cut your beards down

Every morning most of the men gets up and shave. Many do not feel fresh until and unless they shave. And moist offices do not allow people when they are unshaved. Shaving is mandatory. After shaving your skin may become smooth but it still remains a bit rough. So to smoothen it more you need to apply some pure honey on your face and wash it only after it has dried up. With Luke warm water wash it after 10 to 15 minutes. This process will also prevent you from having any kind of rashes. So you can try it out every morning to get rid of scratching.

Making your lips soft

Does your lips crack a lot? And you don’t know what to do. Then you can try out some homemade remedy to make your lips smooth and soft. Smooth and soft lips are liked by both men and woman. Instead of applying those outside lip balms and wasting your money on that you can try out this simple method of making your lips soft so as to look good. Shea butter can help you have smooth lips. It has a lot of nutrients which are liable to make your lips shiny and smooth. If you want your hair smooth you can apply this Shea butter.

Make your skin soft and shiny

Are you suffering from a dry skin? And you are having flakes on your skin every day. This makes you scratch as it makes you feel very itchy. So you shouldn’t worry about it. You can bring your skin back to a normal state if you apply some homemade stuff. You should use an avocado on your skin wherever it is dry. After ten to fifteen minutes you can wash your skin and there you are flaunting with soft but manly skin.

Reduce your body smell naturally

Well we all know that men sweat more than woman. And people purchase cans of deodorants for themselves. It’s a much needed thing than anything else before you out for work in the morning. You will work the whole day and you need to keep fresh and the freshness will help men work with better concentration and awareness. But did you ever give it a think that you can even use a homemade remedy to keep yourself fresh in the morning instead of using deodorants and perfumes? When you bath in the morning you can mix two tbsp. of vinegar to lukewarm water. This will help to keep your body smell away from you for the whole day long. You won’t smell a bit that’s a guarantee. When you come back from work you still look fresh and free of odours.

Removing smell from your feet

Men wear shoes along with socks every day when they go out for work in the morning. Hardly do they ever wear any kind of sandals. Shoe is a part of man. So at the end of the day their feet do smell a bit. To avoid the same they can try out some homely measures. Many men have feet which sweats a lot. Before putting on your does you can apply some baking soda on your feet and then wear your shoes. This will prevent your feet from having any kind of smell and you will stay relaxed all day long.

Eradicating your dead skin cells

Every morning when you get up you will have dead skin cells. For that you may be using some market products so as to exfoliate your skin. But experts are of the view that you should avoid doing that in order to stay healthy for a longer period of time. For that you need to put some oats in a food processor along with some water to make a paste. Now you got to apply this paste on your face every one day in a week. This will help your skin to stay young and fresh. In this way the closed pores of your skin will also open.

The tips that are mentioned above are very simple and the products are all natural and are easily available in your local market. It doesn’t even require a lot of time to try out these methods. You just need to keep these products at home and apply it whenever you have time. You have to avoid the market products. Not only they are costly but they are also dangerous and can cause a lot of problems. If the products are not good then they can do so.