Men skin care – Tips to treat men’s dry skin problem

Men skin care – Tips to treat men’s dry skin problem

men dry skin

A man will not have the time to treat their dry skin. Instead they would love spending their time watching matches, eating pizzas, playing with their pet dog if they have any, partying, boozing and what not. These are all manly things. But like others they too do have a cracked skin with chapped lips sometimes. They need to take care about that. But they don’t. They literally try to win a battle but they cannot do so as they wants to stay stuck within their dry skin.

When you have a crack on your skin then dirt and pollution along with several allergens are likely to get into your skin. You would like to scratch your skin very often. Along with this flakes start appearing on your face. These flakes are white in color and these make you look horrible. Though men are not bothered about flakes but it really looks very bad as if your skin has not been treated for a long time.

The cold weather and chill winds may wreak havoc on your skin, so be careful in dealing with the winter skin that simply dragged to dryness, irritation and rashes. So, here are few tips to be followed by men to prevent the dryness of the skin.

Tips to treat men’s dry skin

  • Maintain your skin care according to the swinging seasons, controlling the production of oil is the main target in the summer season where as your focus is needed in retaining the skin hydrated in the winter season.
  • Some of the products which contain powerful ingredients such as Benzoly Peroxide may eases your problem in the summer but is not a right choice for the months of winter, you can use though, but keep high concentration on moisturizer. In case if you inspect any condition of irritation and discomfort that is moving for long time then discard its use.
  • Keep your skin always moisturized in the winter months, apply moisturizer for atleast one time in a day. If your skin is developing any itching sensation and dryness then immediately open the lid of the moisturizer bottle. The perfect time to apply moisturizer is right after your shower, it will helps to lock the moisturizer in the skin for long and applying it before going to bed is also an another way to get rid off the dry skin.
  • Like your entire skin, hands and feet also requires sufficient amount of moisturizer inorder to prevent from cracked and rough skin during the cold season.
  • If your skin is popping out the dry skin flakes then remove them by exfoliating, men are suggested to exfoliate their skin for one time in a week.
  • Apply a dab of lip balm on your lips with SPF 30, it not just protect the lips from damage but also shields the lips from harmful ultra violet rays.
  • The chilling climate tempts you to take the bath with hot water, however warm water is your good friend. So, always try wash your face and body with luke warm water to protect the skin from further damage.
  • Are you continuing the use of bar soap for your body and face which makes the dry skin more worst. Skip it, use liquid cleansers to wash your skin, especially your face to keeping it out from the track of dryness.
  • In this winter season spend some amount on a humidifier to control the dryness in the air. It is beneficial for your respiration as well as for the skin also.
  • Take care of your food regime, try to get more carbohydrates that available from the complex sources like vegetables, legumes, whole grains and brown rice. Rather than concentrating on refined starches like white rice, white flour go with unrefined carbohydrates like oatmeal. Get the simple carbohydrates from fruits and milk but not from the sugar sweetened food items and beverages.

Follow the above tips to maintain the skin happy and flawless.

If you think that treating your skin is too womanly. Then you are completely wrong. Your skin is a part of your body and you need to take proper care about it like any other body parts. If any of the above things matches with you then you need to act very quickly. You need to read the tips that I am going to highlight in this article. I hope these tips will be able to help you out if you are in such a situation. So if you want your handsome and dashing look back then you must follow these simple tips that are listed down.

  1. Water should be drunk– Many people drink very less amount of water each and every day of their daily life. This is not healthy at all for the functioning of your body. You should drink at least two liters of water every day. If you forget then always keep a jug of water even while you work. Give alarms on your phone so that you remember in between your work that you have to drink water. Drinking a lot of water will moisturize will skin and make it healthy. It will remove all the toxins from your body as well as from your dried up skin. This process will be very helpful to your skin.
  2. Dampen your home– You have to dampen your room so that you do not rise up every morning cold. You rise up being moisturized. Your skin needs the moisture. And that can be provided through a machine that has to be installed at your place. This will not make your skin rough or dry. Instead you will have a skin to flaunt around with in the winters.
  3. Less of smoking- as we all know smoking has many harmful effects on our skin. But how many people does listen to it? Well if you want a perfect skin free from toxins and other harmful chemicals then you have to quit this smoking. Or else you have to smoke very less. Smoking withdraws all the moisture from your skin. As it is it remains very cold outside your home. And if you keep on losing moisture then your skin will be very badly affected and it will be left dry and in a wrecked position. So to avoid these situations you need to control on smokes if you are a chain.
  4. Do not bathe for a long time- We all want to shower our self in the morning before getting ready for work. But during winters you should avoid this relaxing thing. As you shower yourself all your oils will be washed off from your skin. When it is washed off it leaves your skin bare to be attacked by the cold weather. Your skin remains very much unprotected. So try not to shower more than four to five minutes.
  5. Working out daily– when you work out your health stays in the right place. Not only that you also sweat. Now sweating is a very good sign. When you sweat the performance of your skin rises. This helps you to fight against dry skin.
  6. Don’t go into the chilly weather so much- You should try and avoid the winter’s chilly weather. You should use an oily moisturizer for your skin. You should also protect your skin with some hats and scarfs before going out for a walk for something. Moisten your skin before you spend some time outside whether alone or with friends and family.

Men should use moisturizers each and every day. They should use it at least twice or thrice a day as per the demand of the weather. They may think that it is a girly way of moisturizing the skin. But the case is not so. Moisturizer can be used by anyone in the world. And it should be used. Or else your skin becomes flaky and chapped.

There are many products that are available in the market for men. You have to make a wise decision according to your skin type. If you have a very oily skin then you will have to choose a product will less oil in it. Your skin already produces oil so that will be enough to moisturize your skin. If you follow the above mentioned skin care tips then you will surely have a bright skin. People dread when winter comes. So now you do not have to dread when winter is on its way. Even if the season comes you can enjoy yourself in the season without having to sacrifice your moisturized skin. The above said easy and simple steps will be able to help you out. It is very simple indeed. You just need to be conscious about your skin. Instead of being casual like you are during the summers you have to care about your skin. So that you can save them from the cold weather.

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