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Men skin care – Men’s guide for anti-aging

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There are men who do not take much care of their skin. The skin of men is thicker and still they can care for their skin better as they do not have to cover their skin with makeup regularly. Hence caring for their skin for men are simple and easy. There are some simple ways to take care for your skin and you should follow a regular routine to get better skin free of wrinkles and other marks.

Every men thrives to look young and great though they are aging, if you are one among them check the below tips to conquer your younger look and feel.

Start taking care of your skin

Skin is the first noticeable thing on any one’s  appearance. Depending on the tone and evenness of the men’s skin complexion their attractiveness will be judged.  So,  take your skin nature a few years back with the following simple tips.

Out of sun

Passing your time in the sun light many hours is one possible reason responsible for the wrinkles and other aging factors on the skin.  So, remember always to polish your skin with sunscreen before you step out. You are always suggested to indulge with SPF 15 or greater than that to fight with the UV rays.


The usage of daily moisturizing cream and cleanser are the clear shortcuts for the younger looking skin. Dryness will evolve the aging signs in the face and body, for such skin conditions moisturizer is a one word answer.

Loads of water

Have you ever heard about the beauty secret of many models – drinking more amount of water in a day! Yes it is a true reason for young and glowing skin. Drink 8 glasses of water daily, it majorly helps to tune your skin hydrated as wells as improves the skin tone.

Promotes wellness

Some life style changes and maintaining the overall health will make you to young and energetic.

Good sleep

Rest your body for 8 hours in the night, lack of sleep leads to bags under your eyes and other health problems.  According to some studies men requires naps in each day. In comparison to women men wake up more frequently and they also get less slow wave sleep, which is necessary for the formation of memory.

Eat healthy

Food enriched with appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients helps to achieve the youthful skin. Add your diet with fish, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, they will help your skin to stay fit and healthy.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a serious causer of fine lines, wrinkles around your mouth. This bad habit makes your skin to appear dull and life less.  As it is a root cause for many health problems say no no to cigarette smoking.


The very best thing that holds you fit, healthy and especially younger is exercise. A regular practice of exercise will helps to get the flexibility and to maintain tone. Men who appear fit and healthy looks youthful then the people who are fat and over weighted.

Dress your age

The way you appear talks about your age, follow some anti-aging dress changes to lose 10’s of years from your original age.

Avoid the dated

Don’t wear the dress code that apparently mimics the dated trends, follow the latest classics. If you are a middle aged person then go with the costume’s of 20’s, if they don’t match you, try some other but go with the same past things.

If the eye brows are unruly and odd then give a shape by removing the extra pop outs. Along with the above trimming the extra body hair and trimming the beard as per the look also matters.

Cleaning the skin

Skin care starts with the feeling of squeaky clean skin. For this feeling you must keep away from dirt and grime. These are products that will stick to your face even when you are indoors and hence you just have to clean your face regularly. If you have normal to oily skin then you can use bar soap. The people with dry skin should make it a point that they use liquid cleansers that will not dry the skin all the more. Your skin should not feel tight or it should not be itchy.

Using glycerin soaps or soap with oils added to them is good for your skin. Some soap has olive oil or vitamin E in them and they are better for people with dry skin. There are soaps that have ingredients like salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. They help in exfoliating the skin and thus remove the dead cells. Some soaps or cleansers also have antibacterial properties added to them and they are good for people with acne or pimples on their facial skin or body.

Shaving and its accessories

You should buy good quality razor and shaving cream for shaving regularly. You may have to shave more than five times in a week and you must not ignore the razor quality. You cannot allow nicks and cuts on your face as that can give you a bad impression professionally. Choose the razor that will also pull out the ingrown hairs and give you a clean and sharp shave.

Use shaving cream or gel that has got moisturizer in them. These will keep your face looking soft and clean. It should also be free of alcohol as it dries your skin a lot. You should also use an aftershave to soothe your skin and it also gives you a nice smell.

Protection from the sun and other pollution

You will find that you have to go out to face the sun a good number of times. This is important for your profession or for supporting your personal life. You cannot avoid it but what you must do is to apply sunscreen that is well known for its effects. There are some products that boasts of antioxidant in their products and these help in keeping away the bad effects of pollution and harmful rays of the sun.

Astringents tighten the skin for younger look

Men often try to keep away from different types of products that work to keep them looking good. Lotions like after shaves or toners often keep the face fresh and young looking with the astringent that these products contain. If you have oily skin then you can use astringent to tighten the open pores of your face.

Grooming for younger look

You can find different ways to look young. Some feel they should use beauty products and other thinks that it would need surgery. Taking a little care of yourself will bring out the best in you. The most important of these cares are caring for your body. Leave out the sugar that you seem to take each day. A morning cup of coffee to the late night bite of cookies all contains sugar. This only adds to the taste of your food and drink but does not help in any other way. Keeping sugar out will keep your body healthy and free of a lot of difficult ailments. You can avoid processed food, biscuits and cakes, fizzy drinks, readymade packaged meals and all the juices to keep yourself fit and energized for the whole day. Sugar attaches to the skin collagen and this process is called glycation. The process makes collagen stiff and hard. The result is wrinkles. So now you know what you must do to gain more energy and to retain a youthful look all over your body.

Sex keeps you young at heart

You will find that the urge to have more sex is a good sign. This exercise keeps you strong and healthy at heart. Neuropsychologists say that when you have plenty of sex, you look around 5 – 10 years younger. When you define ‘plenty’ you get the answer as three times a week! Is that asking for too much? Well then shift to regular exercise as that also can give you the desired youthful look and feel.

Night care is essential

You will find the day is always very hectic for you but at night you feel like resting your aching bones. You should also take some timeout to treat yourself to an effective routine. You must wash your face and body regularly and apply moisturizer all over. You must apply some revitalizing cream on your face to give it a youthful vitality at the morning. The skin will find time to renew its cells and the night time is the best to allow that to happen. You can also apply some aromatic body oil to refresh your body. These oils will soothe your body and mind too and give you a good rest to start your day with new energy.

Make sure you take care to take care of your hair and scalp too. Shampooing regularly and a proper cut of the hairs is a must to maintain the right look. Use some revitalizing tonic for your hair and massage the scalp regularly before going to bed. You must keep a look to any sign of infection or dandruff in your scalp. Keep the crown shining and healthy with proper care.

Work up the inner strength

Regular grooming will give you the right look and a youthful vibrancy that is often attractive to people. Brush your teeth regularly and floss them for a confident smile. The clothes that you wear should be the right fit for you and the material should allow air to pass through. When choosing fragrances, you should always choose quality perfumes or body mists. Wash your body and then apply the fragrance. While walking, stand straight and walk with pride. Match your belt with the shoes you are wearing. The outer gait and grooming is one thing but you must find that inner pool of confidence that will give you an extra strength to fight everyday battle and still remain young and smiling for the world.