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Men need to take care of their words


Men are unique from women in multiple aspects. She always respect the person who is good at nature and his language. When a men is good at every thing but worst at his language adds him negative points. So, they need to nurture their language while they are with girls.

Keep a difference
It is a common nature of guys to speak some abusing words when they are around their friends, they also implement  some innovative ones. Your friends laugh at your words and even enjoy them basically but control your twists from the tongue while you are in a date with your girl friend. It annoys her and make her to feel unimpressive, it decreases the levels of her good opinion on you. Always fix your thought that there is a difference between men and women.

It’s not affectionate
Among men, little abuses some times become their nick names, if one starts to call with that name the remaining will become chord. It is like affectionate among the men, it’s good for men when he is in a crew of men but it really don’t deals good with girls. Never take a chance of making the same technique. An improper men language doesn’t impresses her and she don’t take it as a form of affection too.The words of person a makes them so think while you talk.

Uncultured thought
Despite of bundling the degrees, men when he is in frustration or bad mood use the abusing language knowingly or unknowingly. It really affects their character. If done the same mistake before his girlfriend, it betters the chances of negative impression as most women connect abuse language as an indicator of the abusive men. So, improve your language.To the similar condition, men usually speak foul words when they are relaxing with their friends, it is also not a good choice because unintentionally that language impacts on your own language style.These kind of situations gives her a notion that the men is from an uncultured family background.

She will not marry you
If you are serious with your relation and want to marry the girl never use abusing words around her. Marrying a person who is abusive will be a women’s biggest bad dream. Though you are compassionate about her, your language matters and makes her to say ‘I don’t’. She will never say yes if you are not a well spoken person.

Bounces in the next time
When ever couples fight mostly they lift up the quirks and negatives about each other to win them self’s in the argument. By using the wrong language in front of her means giving her ball to hands. In the next time when you fight, she just step back from the argument and says i learned the tales of foul language from you and not need to listen any morals. from you and

All the above practical examples suggest men to control and care about their language when their
girl friend is next or near to them.