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Men Healthy Diet – Best foods for men to be healthy

In the run of career, goals, success and dreams many of us are neglecting the healthy diet, Though it don’t call for the immediate problems it shows the effects on the later times. So, keen with the food habits that you are being with and increase your food diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk products and meat that contains heavier amounts of proteins and nutrients. You can go either on the way of traditional or moderate to quench back the full palate of nutritious food.
 Here are the few suggestions for a healthy diet
  • Amla is the ideal source of vitamin c, it contains more  quantity of vitamin C in comparison with the citrus fruits. It functions extraordinary with the aging problem.
  • Yogurt is the great source of calcium and immune-boosting bacteria.Prefer to add the yogurt to your meals to build the calcium levels. Choice for Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt  which contains low calories than a normal pack.
  • Milk gives you Vitamin D, this vitamin not only makes your body to take calcium but it is also an excellent nutrient.The more sufficient amounts of vitamin D   reduce the risk of heart disease, ward off some types of cancer, give relieve from back pain and also prevent depression too. Drink atleast two glasses of milk every day.
  • The ayurvedic megafood ‘Chyawanprash’ helps to build the stamina of a normal individual, it is made up with the main ingredient as amla though it contains other super ingredients like shilajit and ashwagandha.
  • Another ayurvedic mixture that overwhelms the many health problems is Triphala churna. It is a tonic made from the powders of three major ingredients Emblica offfi cinalis – Amla, Terminalia belerica -beheda and Terminalia chebula -Haritika.
  • Beans contains many key ingredients that helps the people who are short with magnesium, calcium and potassium. They reduce the heart disease risk, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and breast, colon cancers. So, include atleast three cups of beans in a week.
  • Egg yolks contains of rich proteins that can keep the risk of cancer and heart diseases at bay. People who are being with heart problem should have to limit the eating of eggs two to a week but a normal person can eat an egg on every day for healthy body.
  • Cardamom, Cardamom energizes the digestive system and process the good digestive care.
  • To make the bones stronger, aim to consume cloves. Cloves offers the manganese RDA to the body which results to the healthy and strong bones.
  •  Cinnamon, consuming half tablespoon of cinnamon on every day in any form of your wish will don’t let you down from the energy levels.
  • Saffron herb is majorly preferred by the pregnant women for baby care, it also improves the good blood circulation process.
  • Ginger repairs the muscles and strengthens them too with its anti-infalmmatory compound gingerols.
  • Fenugreek seed have the power to shoot the cholesterol problem, There is a report that people consuming fenugreek seeds on daily diet got the relief from cholesterol.
  • Coriander help prevents the cancer causing agents by decreasing the toxicity levels in the body.