Men health care tips in winter

Men health care tips in winter

winter men health care

The chilling winter season has all arranged its weapons of cold winds in the climate. They theft your skin moisture and make it get irritated, they even leave the skin with the issues such as dry skin, irritated eyes and dull hair that even can’t be hide with the tough clothing. So, follow some tips to escape form the winter havoc.

Men health care tips in winter

Come out of the sheets

Yes, it is too tough to come out of the bed sheets in the winter season but if you are really looking to maintain your health and fitness you need to force yourself from those. Start it with simple exercises and workouts, or go on with walking, jogging is a tasty pleasure one could opt in the winter smokes.

As a part of the exercise or workouts if you are at outside doors in the chilling winds don’t go out in the way that you are being with. Make yourself appropriate to the climate by wearing thick clothes, applying a moisturizing cream and appropriate shoes.

Prevent dry skin

The very common problem that hits during the winter season to the body is dry skin. Start decorating your skin with the moisturizer’s to calm down the problem. Start it with your bath, apply coconut oil to the body and then follow the shower, it is the simple and easy tip one need to do to retain the moisture in the skin. Alternatively apply the oil to your entire body after the shower. It’s not good to deal with the harsh soaps in this season, they makes the condition worse and grabs some more moisture from the skin. Try using the mild soaps such as dove which consists of good quality of moisturizing cream or go with the coconut hard soap. Even when you are shaving make sure to complete the shaving with a moisturizing lotion. Carry a moisturizing cream with you and spread it whenever your skin feels thirst of moisture.

Eye irritation in winter

Not just your skin, your eyes also lost their moisture in the winter season, and they tends to get irritated. And if you are a person who need to work before the computer, it may be a big problem. So, you can use eye drops which helps your eyes from not losing its moisture, it also prevents the irritation and provides protection from the cold weather. After pouring few drops into your eyes, they will feel relaxed and soothe.

Dull hair in winter

Though its the season of winter, you don’t need to condition the hair daily, one can make the conditioning for two to three times for a week. But grab a product which can protect the hair from damage. And especially as we age, our hair loses its natural shine and head becomes prone to grey hair. So, polish the hair with slightly perfumed oil that can revert back the shine on your hair without making it greasy. It is a good way to make your hair non-oily and shiny.

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