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Men Health – best health tips for men

Men health

We all know that men are more stronger than women, but recent studies proved men are taking the back benches when considering the maintenance of lifestyle and healthy food diet. Though some are opting the regular exercise for fitness but by tempting to few of the foods and alcohols which harm their health are making them to stand at far from the precise health.

Following a regular exercise with balanced diet and proteins supplements will opens doors for the healthy body and healthier life. Here are few tips for you to follow.

  •  Avoid the white food products, white flour and white sugar and other similar processed foods not just contains low vitamins and minerals but pushes the blood levels to up which intern misleads to the gaining of weight, diabetes and other array of health problems.
  •  Keep an eye on fats,Fats are of two types 1.Healthy fats and 2. Non -healthy fats. Healthy fats protects the heart from heart attacks and other heart related disease, they are stored in olive oil, fishes ( Omega-3 oils), fats in salmon etc. If you follow the high intake of non-healthy fats they acts smart in causing heart diseases, they are present in cookies, peanut butter, pastries, deep fried food items etc.
  • Exercising daily will improves the muscle strength and to condition the cardiovascular aerobics are the best. Visiting gym and getting right directions to exercise will surely improves the fitness and health.
  •  Being healthy is not as easy as telling, it needs a proper care and punctuality towards the fitness and eating habits. Try to balance your weight to the height that you have, a balance in the weight will don’t allow the heart disease, hypertension and diabetes to knock your health door.
  •  Studies have proved that consuming moderate quantity of alcohol will save you from heart diseases and also decreases the death risks. But if one have consumed the large amount the way reacts is different and tough.
  • Prostate Cancer prevention, By choosing the precise lifestyle and diet set and by avoiding the trans fat and smoking habits will give long run for the life. Include green tea that is rich in polyphenols. Add boiled tomatoes to the food as they consists of lycopene. Lycopene acts against with the prostate cancer. The risk of the prostate cancer can be grounded by the intake of nutritional supplements like antioxidants and vitamin E.
  •  Bananas, The smooth and tasty bananas contains rich amount of potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B-6.Potassium stimulates the nerves and pours good heartbeat and the magnesium decrease the risk factor of heart stroke. Vitamin B-6 assists the metabolism and helps in the well-working of nervous system and formation of red blood cells.
  •  Balance good bonding, The person who maintains good bonding with in the family and at outer environment will surely exists happy. So, spend your quality time with your relations, pets and involve in some volunteer work, be with a gang and do a lot more that you could do, These kind of involvements will closes you with the people and increases your happy life.