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Men health and fitness levels at different stages

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The emotions, strengths, weaknesses and habits of a person changes while he is changing from his age. In addition the effecting diseases and the proper care also differs. Here are different ages and the health hazards, solutions to the ages accordingly.

Men at 20’s

In the young 20’s men have the high power to execute the heavy exercises and to lift or jump from the big sketches. The reason behind for that ability is getting a high human growth hormone and testosterone currents that increases the growth of the muscle fibers and ignite the explosive lifts, jumps and swings.  Muscle power needed to be generated to high ends in this 20’s along with the force increment. With the good protein oriented food and lifting up the high weights promotes the muscular power.

Go with low rep and heavy resistance that is based on the inherent strength exercises such as the squat, bench press and the deadlift, in addition to that include the plyometric exercises and explosive movements which builds the new muscles. Jumps will train mainly the nerves, where as weights will train the muscles, says experts.

 Men at 30’s

In the 30’s men will be mostly busy as they have wife, kids and other responsibilities to handle. Many of them don’t find enough time even to opt the regular exercise and to take perfect diet. By following few of the measures you can be away from the strained muscles and slowly increasing belly.

The strength of bones may slowly start decrease in the 30’s and leads to the fractures suffer, So avoid lift up’s that are heavy and include the vitamin D and calcium in right squares. The one who got the prostate cancer in the 30’s will be affected more than the person who will get after this age. So, get the signs of it treat it fast. If the urination is frequent and getting pain at the urination times. Some times it may accompanied with blood also.

In 30’s their hearts start losing the exact stroke volume and the VO2 max levels begin to drop out.

Men at 40’s 

The beginning of the wrinkles, baldness and eye sight fall are the common worries in the 40’s. Upto before 30’s accidents are the killers of the men but heart diseases and prostate cancer surrenders the 40’s and the above ages.

 Drink alcohols in limited amounts, reduce the weights in the exercises, Take multivitamin and mineral based supplements, avoid the trans and heavy fats, reduce the usage of white sugar, Reduce the risk factor of prostate cancer.

Men at 50’s

One of the best nurturing thing in the age of 50’s is doing regular exercise or walking. In the 50’s arthritis, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease may attack. Exercise can protects the heart, rejuvenates the arteries, brings your erections, Muscle strength will builds, strengthens bones, it fights cancer causing agents, boost up your immune system and it is one of the precise ways to revamp your brain.

Prefer taking the omega 3 fatty acids and its supplements to prepare your cells for the slow aging process. Consume fish-oil supplement to at least two grams and also add the vitamin D for the bone strength.