Men foot problems and their treatment

Men foot problems and their treatment

What kind of a pain do you actually suffer on your feet every day? Aren’t you in a mood to exercise today? Take good care of your feet and get it treated if you want to go on comfortably for the whole day. If your feet aren’t comfortable then how will you go along for the whole day? For that you need to find out what kind of a pain you have in your feet and get it treated accordingly.

Does foot pain disturbing your jogging mood! and stopping you to involve in your routine actions! But you don’t know the reason of your problem and what kind of problem is yours, and then check here below the symptoms, reasons and the treatment to be followed.

Heel pain


Heel pain is refers to pain in the heel and is tough to handle in the early hours of a day and even after sitting for big amount of time, that goes dull with the participation in activity.


Inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue on the foot bottom, it  is mostly caused by the heavy foot rolling and the shoes you wear that not in perfect size.


Stretching of the calves is a good remedy to discard the heel pain, wear the supportive shoes in a whole day and consult your doctor for custom-made shoe inserts. In some cases losing weight is a good treatment.

Achilles tendonitis

When you identified the pain at the back and above to the heel with the presence or absence of bump and is turning to more while you are walking, then it represents Achilles tendonitis.
The inflammation of the Achilles tendonitis is a raised due to the fibers stretch and being torn.


Take an anti-inflammatory medicine for acute pain, do yourself stretching exercise and rest for good amount of time.

Fast tip

By consuming an anti-inflammatory medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen you can get relief from severe pain.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs means getting sharp pain while you are walking.When the membrane that is attached to heel bone is losing its attachment, then there will be the result of spur or bony protrusion.


The better treatment to get rid of heel spurs is by wearing a pair of shoes that gives you comfort. If you watch the problem still, then consult your doctor and go for x-ray evaluation to call for further treatment.

Haglund’s deformity


A reddish bump that comes along with the pain on the back of the heel, in the area Achilles tendon attached bone.


The repeated pressure kicks due to tight and improper fitting shoes.


In such conditions you are required to stay away from the tight shoes. Go for supportive backless shoes or the shoes with a lower back. This practice gives you relief from bump swell, but bony growth do go off quick. Along with the shoes selection a surgical surgery may correct your problem.

Nail fungus


A foul smelly and discolored toenail represents the formation of fungus in the nails, which may also exist with the white marks and gives tough time when wearing shoes.


This nail fungus is the result of fungal infection that is born around the area of nail. Being in contact with the microscopic fungi in the environment, mostly effects when a person is staying in certain places like showers, swimming pools with bare foot. It spreads to another people if the infected person shares his nail clips.


Depending on the levels of severity, treatment is followed. For the small and mild infections, following best hygiene tips and cleansing frequently gives relief from the irritation and fungus.

Men’s foot problems may occur due to various reasons. Some with growing age while others with the wrong wearing of shoes. Until and unless you won’t be able to keep your feet on the plain land you won’t be going through the treatment procedure. There are different treatment procedures available for different kinds of foot problems. You may be thinking that there will be only one kind of a problem on your feet. But you are wrong. The thing is the area of the pain depends. The area tells us about what has actually happened to your feet. In this article I am going to talk about discomfort of toes. So here it is.

Toe aches:

Arthritis is such a disease which causes your affected area to bulge and you cannot even move in pain with your affected area. The affected area gives you a sensation of burning. And it is never cured. The patient can just stay well with the treatment prescribed by the doctors. So the same thing happens with your toes which cause it to bulge to the first finger of your feet mainly. People will twist and toss in pain if it is not properly taken care of. This is known as gout.

How can you help yourself to mend it?

  • Give your toe a break for the day. In fact give it a break since it heals a bit. Whatever work you have you should avoid in order getting well soon.
  • Rub some ice on your bulging area.
  • Take the pills prescribed by your doctor. You must never miss your medicines. Or else your gout can increase.
  • You should not consume food that will make matters worse. A dietician will list a number of foods that you should avoid in order to stay better and painless.

When the area adjacent to the first finger of your toe enlarges in size then it is known as bunion. A bone out there outgrows due to certain circumstances. It is mainly caused due to the misplacement of the premier toe conjunct. You may be thinking that why do some people have these problems? Well then you are completely wrong. Anyone in the world can have them on their toe. This is mainly caused when people do not wear comfortable shores. They wear some cheap and uncomfortable shoes which affects their toe while walking and even while sitting. You should always give your feet some comfortable zone as it serves you for the entire day. Without your feet you are nothing. If you aren’t able to walk then how will you perform your daily chores of life? There are thousands of works that you would need to do every day. So be careful with your feet. If you want to wear some shoes with heels on it then you should go for the quality ones. If you ask me I would suggest you to avoid them. These shoes do create a lot of posture problems as well as causes your entire feet to ache especially your toes and the tips of your toes.

Hammer toe is a condition when your other other fingers in your feet are creating a lot of problems. You are not able to do your regular walking. In this situation your toe will form an arc like condition from the middle. This may be caused due to the wearing of uncomfortable shoes. In this case your doctor will prescribe you to wear comfortable shoes which are soft but you choose to wear shoes with heels on it. If you wear those shoes your fingers will bend and there’s no doubt to it. If you are facing a lot of problems then you can ask your doctor to perform a surgery on your toes. Muscle unevenness can also cause this problem. You may perform all the exercises that are prescribed by your doctor to you. You may get a bit of relief from it if the conditions haven’t worsened.

When you see you’re pointing on the upper side or on the down side then you must understand that it is nothing but claw toe. In this situation you will face a problem if you try to make your toe like an arrow. This situation occurs when you have uncontrolled diabetes and the habit of consumption of alcohol to an extreme limit. Due to these things you are breaking your muscle power down to a huge limit. So you need to take care of that. You should be wearing some specially designed shoes under this situation. If you do not do so, then your toe will suffer more and more.

How do you cure it?

  • Shoes should be more comfortable. High heels and pressurized shoes should not be worn.
  • Dos some toe exercises as prescribed by your doctor. Do not try to do any exercise by yourself.
  • If you feel that you need an operation to perform on your toes then you can talk about it to your doctor. He will handle the rest of it.

If you are having a toe fissure then you should take proper care of it. If your toe is having a less fissure then you should use some ice, pain killers and a take a bit of rest. These small things will heal your toe. If you are having a dangerous fissure then it can even lead you to have a surgery committed by your doctor.

These are the toe problems that should be treated.

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