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Men and depression – How to avoid the depression in men?

how to avoid depression in men

People residing at various parts of the world are highly affected by inflationary trend and adverse economic condition. Most of the people are losing their jobs due to recession. The family men are really tensed about how to run their household expenses and family needs. This gives rise to depression among those people. Even the news and updates makes us feel upset with the negative news about the present scenario of the entire nation. You can now get some tips that will easily help you to reduce depression.

Tips to avoid depression in men

 Turn off the news channel

Some people have a habit of listening to the news updates to get information about anything and everything that is taking place in the entire nation. But, while viewing and hearing all these they are getting depressed by themselves. The news about the horrible economy will be an addition fact to depression. But, instead you can divert your mind by viewing the dance shows, music programs, talent hunt etc to eradicate your stress.

Think and say well about others

If you can say and think good for others then only you will be in a state of being in a comfortable situation. It is good to think positive about others and maintain a positive attitude towards people. Keeping a negative thought about people will set your mind towards negativity. Setting up your mind with positivity helps in restoring a happy and cheerful mind. This will help you come out from a depressed situation.

Deep breathe

In order to get out from a depressed situation, you need to breathe deeply and then relax. Take a long breath, hold it for 1-2 minutes and then relax. You can also take a break of an hour every day and spend some time with yourself to eradicate the depressing situation.  You must practice this breathing exercise every day so that you can easily come out from the depressed mind. This exercise can be easily carried on while you are standing in a super market or watching television.


Take out some time from your busy schedule and dedicate the same towards creativity. If you have creative mind, the feeling of depression will be far away from your mind. You will be engaged in doing and making something innovative and enjoy the work. It is something which you like and you enjoy apart from your stressful schedule.

Concentrate on hobbies

People hardly get time to carry on with their hobbies when they are pre occupied with some tasks. If every man can take out some time for their hobbies such as dancing, singling, cooking etc, they will really enjoy their life by kicking back the depressive mood. You can also suggest this to all other people whom you know and who keeps themselves really depressed. Some male personalities have wonderful talent which they cannot show due to work pressure. Make a community with your friends and colleges where each one can show their talent with full satisfaction.