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Male pubic hair grooming tips – Methods for male pubic hair grooming

male public hair grooming tips

Pubic Hair Grooming for men is gaining popularity in the recent years. Some polls around the countries have proved that women like men with trimmed or shaven pubic hair.

Methods for male pubic hair grooming

The pubic area is very delicate and sensitive. Several precautions are required before trying the shave or trim pubic hair. There are several ways to remove the pubic hair, though it is a tough task.

Here are a few pubic hair removal methodsfor men from which one can choose—

Trimming is the basic method for removal of pubic hair. This can be done by scissors or electric trimmers.  One has to be careful with scissors as it can result in uneven, rough look. Electric trimmers are recommended by experts in the field. Trimmers are easily available. They give a uniform length to the pubic hair and maintenance is easy.

Shaving is the most popular method for removing pubic hair.  Shaving with a razor gives a clean and hygienic look in no time. It gives the skin around the penis and scrotum a smooth and appealing touch.

Depilatories   are hair removing creams for men they prove to be costlier than trimmers and razors but are affordable and the effects remain for a longer time. The growth of hair in future becomes soft.  Precautions have to be taken by people who are allergic to them

Waxing was at one time used only by women but now men also have the option. Waxing offers smoothness and the results are long lasting. This is an expensive and painful method and not recommended by many for removal of pubic hair as the skin on the testicles is very sensitive… There are some salons for men who provide an expert service on this method.Though it can be done at home also.

Electrolysis is a 100% permanent method of hair removal. It is a one visit treatment of 2-12 hours but proves out to be a little costly.

Laser is the latest, less painful, method of hair removal giving a permanent solution. The treatment time is only of 2-3 minutesand there is must less discomfort than electrolysis and waxing. Laser does not give the surety of the permanent removal of the new growth of hair.

Tips for a safe and successful shaving and trimming—

  • In order to remove the hair completely from the pubic area the hair need to trim as short as possible…
  • Patience is required during the process of trimming or shaving pubic hair.
  •  All items like scissors, shaving cream, and oil should be of good quality and kept together before starting to trim the hair.
  •  The best posture while performing the procedure of hair removal is to sit upright on a large chair with feet rose to hip level.
  •  The best time to trim or shave pubic hair is after a hot bath as it helps in getting rid of unwanted hair and makes the process hygienic.
  •  Trimming is best done after applying a generous amount of shaving lotion or petroleum jelly.
  •  The pubic hair can be trimmed or shaven in a particular design according to one likes.