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Male Osteoporosis causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Male Osteoporosis causes diagnosis treatment

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the quality of the bones loses their strength and become more brittle and weak.  It can lead to fractures without any external injury. It is a disease with which more women suffer than men. This disease mostly affects the hip, spine, wrist and pelvis.

Since the bone loss occurs in the disease named Osteoporosis, there must be proper awareness within individuals. Increasing awareness with regards to true frequency of osteoporosis in men is important to prevent so that you get a long term success in health.

A well known bone disease seen in middle age men which results in weakness in a particular portion of bone is known as male Osteoporosis. This condition in an individual can also lead to fracture. The bone fractures generally increases in individuals who have been suffering from Osteoporosis. If their body weight has increase due to change in lifestyle, the weak bones will not be in a state to support the body weight.

The causes of Osteoporosis in men

You must have read in your science lesson about the composition of bone. It is basically made up of minerals especially calcium. It is quite common for the bone of our body to get constantly broken down and also been replaced with a new one. The cycle of the bone construction takes around 100 days which is again varied according to the hormone produced in your body. Some of the major causes of Osteoporosis in men  are as follows:

  • Too much of exercise
  • Due to medication and its side effects
  • Chronic illness such as eating disorder

Osteoporosis is usually diagnosed in older men. The main causes of Osteoporosis are listed below

  • Bone loss due to age the bone mass in natural conditions starts declining after the age of thirty and it goes on declining till up to the age of 65 or 70 .
  • Low levels of testosterone are the most common cause of osteoporosis in men. Hypogonadism or low level of testosterone can be a result of age, some diseases and also due to some medications.
  • Lifestyle factors that include smoking, poor diet, lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle and excessive drinking is also a major cause of osteoporosis in men.
  • Chronic medical diseases like pulmonary obstructive disease, asthma, spondylitis,arthritis and hyperthyroidism can also become a reason for osteoporosis.
  • Loss of calcium through the urine is another cause.
  • Prolonged use of medicines taken for asthma, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and prostate cancer can also cause this disease.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis in men

You may find noticeable symptoms in few people suffering from Osteoporosis where as some symptoms are not at all noticeable. Since this disease five rise to weakening your bones, they are no longer in a position to support your body.  Hairlines breaks in bones which cause little pain can be one of the symptoms of Osteoporosis. Pain in your waist and legs due to fracture can be one of its symptoms.  Another symptom of Osteoporosis is the chronic back pain.  It becomes really difficult to sustain with this pain. Even if you carry on with simple leg and hand movement at home, it gives you a lot of pain. Even when a person coughs, laughs and sneezes, the pain can be easily felt.

Osteoporosis does not show any symptoms in the earlier stage. It is a silent disease which keeps on harming the bones till a much advanced stage. Sone specific symptoms of osteoporosis include fractures, back pain, loss of height and a curvature of the back bone. In most cases fracture of the hip, spine or wrists may be the first symptom of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis treatment The treatment depends on the age, the stage of the disease and the risk for fractures in a person which is diagnosed by a bone density test. The patient suffering from osteoporosis in the early stage is usually treated with life style changes which may include a proper diet and some mild exercises to strengthen the muscles and prevent further bone loss. There are several medicines that are prescribed to a person if he is at a higher risk for fractures. Sometimes testosterone replacement is also prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Diagnosis and medication

The symptoms once realized must be conveyed to the doctor immediately. Once you are diagnosed with male Osteoporosis, instant treatment must be provided. The situation can get worsen with age if you keep a care free attitude and do not start the treatment at once.

One of the treatment procedures in this regard is known as Glucocorticold medication.  This is a popular steroid used to treat the patient suffering from Osteoporosis. You need to keep in mind about the side effects of this medication. When this medication is used in ongoing basis, the bone mass gets decreased. It can even give rise to bones loss in vertebrae and ribs. It is important to go ahead with the bone mineral density test.  It is also important to measure the testosterone level in this regard.

Other treatments to cure Osteoporosis include:

  • Vitamin D supplement
  • Prescribed physical activity
  • Antiresorptive medications
  • Anabolic drug
  • Home remedies

You must research each type of medication and treatment procedure to find out what is the best one for yourself. It is important to find out its pros and cons before adopting a particular treatment.