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Male infertility – Habits that cause infertility in men

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Male infertility is not a crime. It is just a condition that does not allow men to biologically contribute to the process of conception. In many cultures, it is considered stigmatic to be unable to conceive a child. It is looked down upon until the person who is suffering from infertility does not know what to do anymore. Here are some of the habits that cause infertility in men.

Infertility in men is one of the major issues that needs a fast solution. The problem of infertility is caused due to various reasons such as medical, environmental and health concerns. Following the wrong life style has also been linked with infertility problems in men. Certain lifestyle habits that are prompting for the infertility problem includes using a laptop for long time by keeping it on the lap. The heat production spoils the quality and count of the sperms. Similarly bicycling, inspite of having many health benefits of bicycling there are disadvantages too. The prolonged bicycling over heats the testicles and results in damaging the sperm quality. Moreover, bicycling induces a pressure behind the testicles, which calls to numbness of the penis and erectile dysfunction. By discarding the above habits men can reduce their infertility problem to the greater extent. Let us see some other habits making the men to develop infertility.

Habits causing infertility in men


The habit of smoking is one of the biggest reasons contributing for the infertility in men. Tobacco and nicotine reduces the sperm count by damaging it. So, if you are a person with the habit of smoking quit it atleast to combat with infertility problem.


Consumption of alcohol reduces the testosterone production which in turn spoils the sperm count. It further leads to erectile dysfunction and infertility problems among men.

Over weight

Being over weight not just leads to the obesity problem but also calls for low sperm count, because obesity leads to abnormal hormonal changes, by which it effects the sperms.

Mobile radiation

Many men like to keep their mobiles in the pant pockets. The radiation emitting from mobile affects the testes and subsequently leads to the infertility and erectile dysfunction.


Youngsters are getting addicted to drugs like marijuana which can be really bad for health in the long run. Marijuana also decreases sperm production and often leads to erectile dysfunction.


Injecting steroids is another big contributor of the infertility problem in men. To get the dreaming celebrity physique, many men are taking anabolic steroids.


Stress is one major issue today’s men are hardly facing. The work pressure and hustle-bustle life style are synonymously bringing many health problems including infertility. In some cases, the decrease in the sperm count also causing the problem ‘erectile dysfunction’.

Hot water bath

Hot water bath can help you to relax, how ever hot water damages the sperm and triggers for the infertility problem in men.

Wearing tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes heat up the testicles and it effects the sperm count. Using tight underwear’s and tight jeans are strictly not recommended inorder to rescue from the problem of infertility in men.

Usage of gadgets

Gadgets have become a part of every man’s life. But holding the laptop on the body for long hours causes many problems. When you sit with your laptop for great time, it heats up the testicles and results in damaging the sperm.  So, avoid keeping the laptop on your lap for several hours.

Sleeping around

According to experts, if you sleep around, you are likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection or an STI. Moreover, some of the studies conducted by these experts have indicated the possibility of clogging of the genital tract in men as well as damage to the testis. You must make sure you always use a condom when you are sleeping around.

Prolonged sitting down

Do you sit for long hours on your office chair? This may lead to poor blood supply to the pelvic cavity. As a result of this, the oxygenation of the testes is poor and would reduce the mobility and also result in the poor maturation of the sperm cells. Move around a little whenever you are able to take a break from work.

Unhealthy diet

If you do not take in foods that are good for you, it would affect the hypothalamus, which controls hormonal automation in the body. For example, if you do not eat much food, it affects the hypothalamus, which in turn affects the reproductive system.

Excessive consumption of coffee

While taking in one or two cups of coffee may not hurt you, taking in too many cups of coffee will definitely reduce your fertility. This is because coffee contains caffeine, which is not good for your health if taken in excess.

Staying up late

Poor sleep habits can make you gain weight, which in turn can affect your fertility. Moreover, staying up late will reduce the quality of your sperms. Do you want to watch your favorite television show? Instead of staying up late, either record it or watch it on the internet later on.


Working out too much can cause infertility in men. Do not exercises for more than one hour per day since it will otherwise reduce the quality of your sperms. If you are a professional sportsperson, you could always talk to your physician or doctor about balancing your exercise regime.


Something as simple as procrastinating on starting your own family can also lead to infertility. Fertility in men begins to decline after 40. Remember that your biological clock is ticking away. Did you find out why you are putting off finding help? Is it because you might find out that something is wrong with your system? It would be better to get it diagnosed rather than ignoring it like it does not exist.

Using triclosan deodorants and soaps

Triclosan, which is a common antifungal and antibacterial ingredient, has been linked to infertility. It is also not as efficient in cleaning the body as regular soaps, which means you would need to check what you buy the next time you enter the supermarket.

Eating soy based foods

Soya based diets may provide you enough protein for your workouts. However, did you know that soya beans can reduce the sperm count? If you want a healthy sperm count, you should consider removing this ingredient from your diet.

Eating sweets

Sweets are distributed during festive occasions with fervour and joy. However, did you know that they are not good for your sperms? Whenever you consume sweets, remember that there is an automatic spike in the insulin levels in the body and this causes cortisol and adrenaline to be released by the body. This in turn can lead to a miscommunication with your endocrine glands and result in infertility.

Abstaining from sex

If you abstain from sex with your partner, it might lead to a reduction in the sperm count. You should have sex at least once a week in order to prevent infertility.

Poor oral health

Did you know that poor oral health could affect your sperm count? If you maintain those pearly whites well, you will not have to face any problems at all. This is because maintaining the health of your teeth has benefits far more than just letting you flaunt the perfect profile picture.

Not seeking support

If you are suffering from cancer, diabetes or any other such fatal health conditions, you do not always have to go at it alone. If it is making you infertile, you can always tell your family and friends what your problem is. They will definitely understand and support you or even help you to become fertile again.


Did you know that cycling and certain other sports could affect your sperm count? If you are a regular cyclist, you should continue cycling since it could have many other great benefits. However, make sure you consult a doctor or a physician in case you want your wife or partner to conceive a child.


Poor exercise habits such as under-exercising may also result in a poor sperm count. You should neither exercise too much nor too little but just right if you would like to conceive a child.

Avoiding the doctor

It would be best to consult the doctor in case you are infertile. Avoiding the doctor completely is not the solution to the problem since only a doctor can tell you how to get out of it.

Investing in pesticide filled products

Food products that are filled with pesticides are not good for your sperm count. Whenever you go to the supermarket, make sure you buy only pesticide free products. For example, investing in products that have been labeled as “organic” is safe.

Avoiding fat soluble foods

If you have always been avoiding fat soluble foods, it is high time to switch over to eating them since they can help you lose weight. It will solve your infertility problem if you make it a habit to include fat soluble foods in your diet.