How to treat male breast cancer – Different forms of therapy for male breast cancer

How to treat male breast cancer – Different forms of therapy for male breast cancer

How to treat male breast cancer

Male breast cancer is a result of malignant or cancer cells formed in the tissues of the breast. It is a rare phenomenon. This disease can affect men of all ages, but is normally found in men in the ages of 50-60 years.

Types of Breast Cancer in Men

Infiltrating ductal carcinoma—this is the most popular form of breast cancer detected in men is the cancer that has spread beyond the cells lining duct in the breast.

Ductal Carcinoma—this is the cancer that is found in the lining of the duct.

Inflammatory breast cancer—this is a type of cancer which appears as red and swollen breast.

Paget disease of nipple—this disease is a tumour that has grown from the ducts beneath the nipple to the surface of the nipple.

Forms of Therapy for Cancer in Men

Local therapy aims at treatment of a tumor at the site without affecting the rest of the body. Common types of local therapies are surgery and radiation.

Systemic therapy is treatment by giving drugs by mouth or by injecting it directly into the blood cells. The common systematic therapies include chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

Adjuvant therapy is given to patients after surgery to prevent the cancer from coming back in other areas where it was not detected earlier. This therapy is carried out by local and systematic therapies.

Neoadjuvant therapyis the treatment given before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor. The methods are same as those given in adjuvant therapy, but are conducted before the surgery.

Treatments for Male Breast Cancer

The different treatments for breast cancer is same for men and women but men can benefit from combination of different treatments

  • Surgery – Mastectomyis the typical treatmentformenin which the entire infected breast is removed. Since men do not have much breast tissue, it is not possible to remove just the tumor.
  • Radiation Therapy- Radioactive rays are used to kill the cancer cells that maybe left after surgery. Sometimes if the cancer is inoperable radiation is used as a treatment.
  • Chemotherapy—is the treatment done by drugs that are given by mouth or injected in the blood cells. Generally chemotherapy is done after surgery to prevent the disease from coming back. It can be the primary treatment for men who are in the advanced stage and the cancer has spread in other parts of the body.
  • Endocrine Therapy—is found to be more successful in men than in women, as most men have cancer that is grown from hormones. There is a standard drug that is used for breast cancer in men. Sometimes endocrine therapy is given after surgery to lower the risk of cancer coming back. It may be the primary treatment for men who have locally advanced cancer.
  • Biological Therapy is given to men who have excess of protein,as this makes the cancer spread rapidly. There is a drug which prevents proteins from making cancer cells grow.


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