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Makeup as a Man – Makeup tips for men

makeup tips for men

You can be a guy and you can wish to have makeup at the same time. In fact, as a man you can you can put on makeup on everyday basis. It is not required that you show the makeup that you are applying. You can wear it and move about among the public and no one will be able to know that you are wearing a makeup. Makeup as a man will help in highlighting the sharpest features and make you appear so perfectly gorgeous. There are several makeup tips for the men these days. It is best that you follow the tips on order to appear wondrous.

Giving make up to the face will help to hide the flaws on the skin, it also covers the noticeable spots and marks, brings an even tone and neat look to your face, especially make up helps to high light the features. So, no matter whether the person is a boy or girl, make up helps both of them. Here are the make up tips to be followed by a men.

Make-up tips for men

Start the make up by cleaning your face. Wash your face with a mild exfoliant and rub it in the circular motions using warm water, it helps to remove out the dead skin. Wash the face and pat with a dry towel.

Apply moisturizer to your face and neck, whether the lotion or a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more than that. Let the moisturizer penetrate in to your skin deep before jump start to the next step.

Dip a cotton pad in the toner and apply on your face. Toner helps to restore the natural pH level in the skin, along with that it helps to clean with face by removing the dirt and dry skin cells.

Apply liquid base foundation

Apply a liquid base foundation on your face, which is close to your skin tone. Take the foundation with the fingers or cosmetic sponge and dab as a thin layer. When you are making this step, it’s good to be clean-shaved otherwise it may stick on the beard.

Use concealer

Concealer helps to hide the dark spots, dark circles and to cover blemishes. When you are going to buy a concealer first test it on your wrist veins, if you feel like it’s perfect on your skin then bag it.

Hide dark circles

By giving small strokes, dab the concealer under the lower lashes and also between the inner corner of your eyes and nose. Leave it to dry for halfway, and then merge it using finger tips.

Conceal pimples by applying around the base of the blemish by giving small strokes, then covering the top. Make sure the edges are well blended.

Fill up a brush with loose powder which close to your skin tone and apply it on the area where you have dabbed concealer.

Apply powder remaining face

Now apply powder on the areas of the face where you has left in the before step with the help of a large brush or powder puff.  Apply powder by concentrating on the T-zone, that is, forehead, nose and chin, which are more likely to secret oil. This step will make the skin to not turn oily.

Wear a lip balm

Dab a small amount of lip balm on your lips to make them appear smooth. Go with a neutral colored or a clear one. Balm not just smoothes the lips but also helps to prevent the lips from getting chapped.

Remove before going to bed

At the end of the day, remove the make up utterly. Because leaving make up for the whole night is not a good practice. After the removal, apply a moisturizer and leave the skin for night. Go with a richer moisturizer if your skin is too dry.

Making Use of Foundation

It is best to have the right foundation for the skin. This will help in concealing the skin imperfections. The pimples and the skin flaws will no more be visible. In case you have a beard it is not recommended that you apply the foundation. It will look uneven and the same time the foundation will be visible on the whiskers. However, if you have lots of facial hair you can make use of the concealer instead of the foundation. This will happily help in hiding blemishes and spots. For the men an oil based foundation is just the right one. The same should be applied following the right method of application. This will make the skin appear so perfectly bright and blemish free. It is important how perfectly you can blend the foundation. The blending has to be done in the manner that it doesn’t show that you are wearing makeup.

Look for a Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is good for the skin of men. If you don’t like wearing the foundation you can make use of the tinted moisturizer in place. The moisturizer will help in making the skin soft after you have shaved. It will also cause tanning or colouring of the skin too. In case, you don’t find the product under the men’s section you can look for the female brands. However, make sure that you are not using the variety which can make the skin sparkle. In this case a basic moisturizer will do. The moisturizer will have a light tint and it will come without any frills. The sort of moisturizer will be able to compliment the skin type and will not change the tone of the skin.

The Application of Eye Liner and Mascara

If as a man you prefer to have a gothic loo it is best that you make use of an eyeliner. In case you look more masculine it is best that you apply the liner lightly. Always make use of a black eye pencil and this is best for drawing the subtle lines and this is especially under the lower section of the eye lashes. The edges should be blended well to make the face have the sort of natural look. In case your eye lashes are light and blonde you can make use of a black mascara to match well with the lash colour. If you are using the mascara make sure that you are using the same in limited amount. Or else there can be unnecessary flaking and clumping. Men can even make use of the clear mascara. The clear mascara ill make the eye lashes look light and also provide with the right volume. In case the clear mascara gets smeared you will not be able to see the same.

Application of the Powder

If under bright light the skin of the men will appear so clammy and shinny. This is the time it is best to make use of the powder to make the skin appear less shinny. Powder is applicable for the males who are working on the stage and for them who are on photo shoot. If you want to look natural then it is best that you make use of the foundation powder. During the application of the same it is best that you concentrate on the areas which looks more shinny. Apply the powder on the forehead, chin and nose. You can have the powder in both forms of pressed and loose. The pressed brand comes with a powder puff and this makes application of the same hassle free. In case you want to apply loose powder then it is best that you make use of the brush. You can have the powders with and without the colours. This depends on the kind of skin tone you have.

Lipstick or Lip Balm for the Men

Men even wear lipstick or lip balm. You can wear the lipstick especially with the sort of the rocker style. However, how much to apply absolutely depends on you. You can make use of the lipstick of the lighter shades. They will look good on the lips. If you are wearing the darker shades they can appear not right for the skin tone you have. It is best that you use a lip balm. This will make the lips appear shinny and natural at the same time. Moreover, the balm will act as a lip protection and prevent the lips from being damaged.

The Essence of Perfect Male Makeup

The essence of makeup for the men is not about making them appear so bright and highlighted. The makeup is used to make the men appear flawless. In fact, makeup is used to correct the features and it is not used to change the face of the men. This is the reason it is important that you know the right usage of the makeup brushes. The brushes will help in correct blending of the makeup. It is also necessary to avail for the best product which is sure to do good to the skin. It should also be the sort of makeup product to match with the skin texture. Once you have applied the make up your skin should appear neat and glowing and the texture of the skin should appear fine and illuminating. You would love that healthy glow and people will look at you when you are among public.