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Make-up tips for men

Make-up tips for men

Moreover, when you put on with attractive make-ups your confidence increases. However, proper make up should be done in order to get the people’s attention. Here are some of the tips for the best make-up for men.

Up to many years men just watched how the make-up looks like and how it crafts a person’s beauty. Many had felt it is as a feminine process and not masculine. But when started using on themselves they came to know the magic of the make-up and how it highlights one’s features.

Proper Face Wash

A proper face wash is necessary before you begin with the makeup. Face wash gives your face a refreshing look and wipes off any tiredness in your face. Wash your face with warm water to wake up the senses and wipe it off with a soft towel.


In the kit of men’s make-up foundation has always big role. If you don’t have any hair or beard then cover pimples on the facial skin by wearing foundation, in other case if you do have facial hair then the right option is a concealer as it doesn’t clog pores on the skin.

Foundation Tips

  • Choose the perfect color of foundation according to your skin tone.
  • Never overuse the foundation
  • Swipe the foundation in a right way by using your fingers.


The beauty of make-up lives in the color shade of the foundation that you pick. Choose one darker shade than your color. As the skin of the men contains large pores compared to women that easily tends to develop acne prone skin and break outs. So an alternative to avoid such skin problems is water based foundation that matches to your skin tone.

Right blending

A good make-up represents a perfect blending of foundation and face powder. If you do not spread both in a right manner it will give a patchy looking skin. Use your finger tips and give a correct touch up so that powder and foundation won’t be going to divide separately.

Tinted moisturizer

If you are an irritant of foundation on your face then tinted moisturizer can replace its position. You can get them from market easily and are good for any skin type. Remember to choose the ideal one for men where as a tinted moisturizer with glimmer will damage your masculine looks.


To get that gothic look an eye liner can do the magic. It highlights your eyes and is a perfect mantra for the men with small eyes. Use it in a right way as follows; Take a eyeliner and draw one line along the lower eyelashes followed with blending at the edges. This way you can highlight your eyes and stand focused on the throng. Another approach to get a fuller look is through rubbing the kohl pencil on  the roots of the eye lashes.

Lip balm

While being in the ramp show or drama stage you may require the lip-stick but is not at all ok for the daily maintenance. Choose a good lip balm which fosters your lip care. It keeps them shiny and moisturized and it is a perfect way to protect your lips from de-hydration.


To unlock the blocked pores and to rub out the dead skin exfoliation is a very good do to do.  It also give you a kind of shine on your face. So try to exfoliate your face for atleast once in a week period.


If you have those bitten and unclean nails then you clearly lose many points on your impression. So go and visit a saloon and get manicure. Once it is done you will find the real beauty of your nails.

Contact Lens

Most men nowadays go for colorful contact lens according to their taste. Fancy contact lens gives you a sexy look and highlights your eyes in a perfect way. However, make sure that you practice on wearing it before the party day.


Never forget to take care of your eyebrows. It will never be a perfect makeup without proper eyebrow care. Eyebrow trimming is a good option for men with uneven hair. If needed, you can use eyebrow pencil to cover the upper portion of the eyebrows. This will help in lifting up your face.

Make Up Tips to Avoid

Here are some of the make ups that should be avoided. This spoils all the time you have spent for a perfect look.

  • Avoid too much of a perfume though you love it.
  • Foundations are just to hide the flaws in your face and not for projecting itself. Hence take care of the level of foundation you use for makeup.
  • Never go for sticky lips. This will spoil your charming smile.
  • Too much of dark eyebrows will definitely give a weird look. Hence make your eyebrows just considerably thick.