What are the common health problems for men who rides bike?

What are the common health problems for men who rides bike?

common health problems for men who rides bike

 Riding a bike is considered to be a fantasy for many teen agers as they see their seniors and elders riding on them. Since great adventure is involved in the process of bike riding, younger people get great enjoyment from it. Even for people with middle age, riding a bike is an aerobic exercise. Through the ride you can move on to various places from very steeper roads where cannot get in. Along with positive part, bike riding is also having some negative facts. If you are sitting on a bike for a long time, it will result in compression of your nerves as well as the blood vessels which lies in the vulnerable area of a body. This is a typical problem faced by males who rides on bike for a long time.

Some common health problems in men due to bike riding

Compression in perineum

Perineum is a part of male body that lies that lies between base of penis as well as anus. This is an area where the individual retains nerves as well as blood vessels. As soon as the area is compressed due to bike riding, this can give rise to insufficient blood supply in artery, nerve damage, blockage of blood vessels, tingling sensation, swelling etc.

Erectile dysfunction

Another health problem faced by males after riding on bike is erectile dysfunction. When having sex with your female partner, you will hardly get your penis erected in order to satisfy your female partner. There can be problem within your married relationship as you are not in a state to satisfy the female partner in the process of love making. The underlying cause is none other than the bike riding.

Soreness of skin

While riding on bike for a long time, your back portion associated with the bike’s seat will feel irritation. Especially when it is summer season, rashes are likely to come up on your skin.  You can face real problem with the soreness on your skin as the friction created between the biker’s seat and the skin layer makes a proper damage.  If you are riding on bike on a regular basis, this can even lead to damage of testicular function of the individual.

Scrotal abnormalities

If you are a mountain biker, most likely physical problem which can attack you is scrotal abnormalities. This is much more dangerous than the bikers who ride on roads. Impaired testicular function is another associated way for men with biking activity.

Weight bearing

If the bike on which you are travelling has weight, this can also lead to some physical problems. Vertical loads are also quite dangerous for many male personalities. If the balance is not maintained of the rider’s body weight with that of the vertical loads, there can be many complications. You need to know about the relationship between the load stress as well as the compression in the perineum of the male person. You also need to take care of the angle in which you are riding the bike.


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