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Long hair style men – top tips for men to grow long hair

Long hair style men

Long hair fashion has been wandering in the fashion market since many decades, guys are showing keen interest to make their hair long. Just having a thought doesn’t oozes the results. A perfect care and precautions are must to follow and here are few of them to get your dreaming long hair.

Long hair in men is an unusual style. However, if you can maintain things right then you are sure to appear so smart in the unusual long hair style. For the same there are certain things for you to follow.

Make a goal

Before you try to grow up the long hair, stay with a goal about achieving it. Search for a gallery that is encompassed with various long hair styles. Watch out all and pick the one that suits your face shape and hair type. Take a print of the choosen hair style, so that you can communicate with your hair stylist or haircutter easily about the look you are desiring for. Identifying the type of your hair is major while you are looking for the long hair. The nurturing factors varies with the hair type whether it is straight, curly, wavy or frizzy.

Indeed it is necessary for you to take haircut though you’re growing the hair long.

While washing

Washing the hair too frequently is not a good process, because with the increase in the number of washes the natural oils present in the scalp which help for the hair growth will go off. So, don’t wash for many times. Use an appropriate shampoo depending on the scalp oiliness (with or with out having conditioner). Dry your hair naturally or by using a towel.

Do not use the comb to remove the tangles or for a casual combining when the hair is wet, it extends the chances of hair breaks. First dry your hair and comb it smoothly inorder skip the damages.

Retain it trimmed

Though you are in the process of growing hair long, you need to go for haircutter for trimming, By which your hair will look healthy and neat and also it helps to keep on the shape.


Men who are urging for the long hair need to care about their diet,  food including multivitamins are must be consumed to promote the hair growth.

Be patient

Hair growth takes time, with no creams or magic it will grow fast. It grows about half an inch for a month. You may also go to a stage with too much short hair and too long hair where you don’t know what to do with that. Communicate with your stylist for choosing the best products and to pull you out from that awkward stage.

Take care of your long hair

For the guys who are having short hair need not worry about how to treat, its easy to handle, comb and wash, even the steps for the care will also be low. But caring the long hair is far from it, while you are drying or swimming or combing you need to be conscious more. Once it god damaged the only way to come from it is cutting. So, try to avoid heavy towel drying and choose to tie your hair like a ponytail while swimming.

The effects of apple cider vinegar

First it is important that your hair has the right quality. In fact, there is no point in helping to grow unhealthy hair. For the same it is essential to apply the right treatment to the hair. It is good that you rub your hair with apple cider vinegar. This is the best product to work wonders on the skin and hair. This is the kind of item to help in the stimulation of hair growth.

Effective hot oil massaging

To make the hair grow long one can even take to effective hot oil massaging. As the hair starts growing from the root, it is important that you take the right care of the hair roots for the healthy growth and length of the hair. Oil even helps in conditioning the hair quality and this is the reason due to the application of the same you can witness a smooth growth of the hair structure.

The combination of egg white and aloe vera

Men can even make an egg and aloe mask for the hair. For this you have to take the white portion of the egg and mix it well with aloe vera. This is the mixture which would well moisturise the hair and make the same grow so long and silky. After you have prepared the mask you should well apply the same on all parts of the scalp. You should leave the mask for fifteen to twenty minute and then it is time that you wash off the same with cold water.