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Why locking eyes during sex is important?

why locking eyes during sex is important

When you are having sex and you are not looking straight to the eyes of the person it seems that you are simply not interested and you don’t have respect for the other person. When you are looking straight to the eyes of the other person it is a good way to tell her or him how much you love the person. When you look straight into the eyes it is a good way you engage the person. This is the right way you make her believe in your love. A look of trust is more than a touch of love.

Locking of the eyes while having sex is an experience so exciting and it adds drama to the whole event. It is true that men prefer looking at the partner but fixing the eyes on her is something different. This requires passion and it is important that you keep a sight contact with the person with whom you are in deadly in love with.

In most of the cases some men have problem with eye contacts. Actually men love to look at women, they like to sneak on the beach, look at pictures avoiding their wives knowledge. Looking at women and keeping eye contact are extremely different. During sex eye contact play a vital role in orgasm. This helps to increase pleasure and understanding between the partners. This feeling is a sort of communication between partners not through words but mere look. Not everyone will enjoy such a feeling; some may not be comfortable looking into the eyes of their partner.

It is said that mostly men do not care for eye contact with other persons. The reason for it may be the hormone that rolls from the commencement week.  This hormone is the circumstances the brain to look for, and create, less eye contact than women. In general, many men keep away from eye contact because it increases the level of arousal and can be aggressive too. So eye contact in reality make some men feel less or not more comfortable. Most of the women feel connected to their partner when they have eye contact. But they do know that their partner need not feel the same, so even if he feels connected with you he may not look eye to eye. In fact after all this discussion too it is very common for a female partner to value eye contact with her male counterpart. Given below are some things that can help you to get eye contact with your partner while making love.

  1. Inward beauty : Concentrate on the inner side of your partner, her most beautiful natures like care for you, taking care of all your daily needs and values, her concern for the elders in an around you. After thinking all this you can look into her eyes, tell her how beautiful she is and how impressed you are, that will make her more honoured and attached to you.
  2. Physical appearance: Every woman has a beauty, try to find it out and concentrate on it. As certain the real beauty of her and then look into her eyes tell her about it.
  3. Extra ordinary thinking: You can go wild thinking how she can react and think all those you would like her to do, but do not get carried away. Be present when she is with you, such feeling can arose you and pass the feeling to her to while looking straight on her eyes;
  4. New Experiments: You can do new or different techniques before or during sex. Always new practises will increase expectations and will in force increase levels of arousal. This can help to promote visual contacts more.

As told before many woman prefer eye contact while conversation and love making. Eye contact makes them feel trust worthy and more reliable too. So to have a better married life and good relationship it is better to have eye contacts, it may not be natural to you but can try to implicate it in your life for the betterment.

Having eye contact is a way of showing respect

When looking at the person while involved in sex it means that you are showing the person legitimate respect in the process. Eye contact here means the way to show and earn respect. When you are having an eye contact with your partner it shows that you know that you are having an involvement with the person and the feel is really great.

Eye contact is a way of showing interest

When you are having sex with a person and you are not looking at her it seems as if you are doing something with no interest at all. Yes, eyes fixed on the person will make her feel that you are interested in her. This will make her feel more special and taken care of. The womanly love will sprout and the intimacy is sure to be of the best order.

Eye contact is a sign of understanding

Just like physical contact if you don’t have eye contact at the time of physical intimacy it seems that you lack the required understanding. It is just like behaving so casually with your partner. This is again a sign of disrespect. When you are looking at your partner you give her the feel that you understand her feelings and you have that respect for her. This will let the chemistry work and both of you can feel the passion igniting. Love is there in the yes and you can understand what your partner wants to say without words being spoken.

Eye contact is a way of showing appreciation

It is true that appreciation is an important part of love making. In case you want to tell your partner that you look beautiful you don’t have to open your lips for that. An eye contact will relate things so simply. You just look at the person to make her feel so special. You look at her and you smile at her and she can read that appreciation in your eyes. This makes her come closer to you and the bonding is strengthened in the process.

Having an eye contact is extremely important

It may be so that your partner is suffering from insecurities in life. In such a case you have to make her believe in you. In fact, men have the tendency to look at women with interest. They just ogle the women on the beach and take secret pictures of the lady. However, this is something else and looking into the eyes of the woman is something different. Taking a secret picture of a pretty lady is just a passion and a way of life. On the other hand engaging a woman through eye contact is making her believe in you. So, there is difference between the two.

Men are not likely to look more towards other people. They lack the testosterone which indulges and encourages the brain to have long time sight. Men are afraid to have more time of eye contact because they are afraid of sexual arousal when they look straight into the eyes of the partner for a prolonged time. In fact, they don’t feel comfortable to look at the face of a woman for too long. It makes them feel so restlessly insecure. A time of straight look makes the men feel inclined of having sex. This is the reason they avoid such situations in normal cases.

Eye contact in bed

However, things are different when you are in bed. This is the time when you should have long time of eye contact with the partner. Initially you look into the eyes and enjoy the moment. This way you can feel the ignition working. The partners when deeply in love with each other prefer to look at one another for a prolonged time period. They enjoy the look and the sense of togetherness. It is just like the passion rising and you feel the intimacy.

You would often find the women saying “I know that he loves me because I can see that in his eyes”. This is a good way men can attract the co partner. It is all about looking from eye to eye and feel the sense of being intimate and close. In case you are less attracted towards your wife you would not feel like looking at her. Often, you would take your eyes away from her and answer casually when she asks “how do I look?”This way the woman gets to understand your lack of interest in her.

The tips of eye game

Now here you have some of the tips to help you play an eye game with your wife. First you should look for a physical characteristic on the face of the woman. It is important that you take notice of the beauty she has. Now, after you look closely at the beauty of the woman it is time that you comment on her sweetness and gorgeous look. This is a good way you can impress the woman. She would love your sweet words of admiration. You look at her once and you look at her often and you would simply love the way she appreciates your look.

When you are looking at the woman, don’t make it just a single look of appreciation. Try to look deep inside the woman and this way you can discover the specialty of the person. When you are looking at her try to remember the times when she did care for you. You should think of the time when she looked after you when you were sick. These are special thoughts to help you have the best and the intimate look at the person especially at the time when you have the mood of being in love.

With the strong gaze at the woman you can at best discover the real she. If you want to tell her that how much you respect her and love her please make sure to look at her eyes and convey everything to her through gestures. If she has the same feelings toward you she can easily understand what you want to make her feel. It is the sensation that works and the sight of love will speak for everything. She is not your next door neighbour. She is your own heart and soul and in this case eye contact really matters.

Before making sex both of you can look at each other and engage yourselves in dirty conversation. This is a good way you can make sex intense. In fact, the best way of being romantic is looking into the eyes of the partner. It should not be that bold and straight look especially in case of the woman. The look should be confident and full of love. In case of women the look should have the sort of coyness. This will make her more interesting. A change of sight is the best way you can make love and have utmost intimacy.

Love and intensity through eye contact

When one is casual in love, he or she does not feel the inclination of looking at one another for long time. Once the relationship becomes serious and you can feel the intensity it is then that you start taking interest in the partner and you look at her with all the depth of love and sincerity. If you want the girls to take interest in you, this is the time you can start the practice to look at them straight. They will find this interesting too and share the same practice. It is going to be fun and it is going to be intense.

In fact, eye contact is necessary when you want to draw the other person close to you. You will talk to the person; you would kiss her and try to be intense, but when you are to look at her she cannot deny your call. She would know that you want her to come close. This is how love works and in this case eye contact has a great role to play. With an intense look you can make the other person believe in everything. In the way she cannot escape your love and there cannot be any love denial.

In fact, if it is even the first time you are meeting the girl and you come to like her, please tell her that you love her though the look. She will appreciate your deep admiration and she would accept your in depth look and try to give back the same. This is how a relationship works and from a single look it becomes life long relationship full of intensity and togetherness. A depth of look at the first sight will make the person believe in you. Even, you want to deceive your partner a long time look can make the magic happen.

At times there are guys who feel shy to look straight into the eyes of the woman. For them having an eye contact is something difficult. It will take them time and the guts to look straight into the eyes of the woman. You just try it once and you can easily overcome the shyness. A long time look will make the trust work and you are sure to feel on top of the world. You may often hear about first sight love and this is long gazing love which makes two person believes in one another.

As part of passionate sex making and passionate love making eye contact has the perfect role to play. In case you are having sex and still you have some doubts in mind the single look is sure to say everything. A good look helps in strengthening the relationship. This is when a look of love gives you the strength to speak the truth and in the way you can clear all the doubts and make love intensely. Love is at your side and you can feel the essence with a single in depth look.

You have committed something and you have not been able to confess. You can look at your partner and make him feel that you are ashamed of what you have done. Confession of guilt can be made through a single look. This way your partner is sure to respect your true confession and he can understand through the look that you are really repenting for your deeds. He will then pass on a second look and it is the look of pardon and compassion. The look becomes intense and there is all love and no hatred and regret.

Love is not blind and this is understandable through a single eye contact. Love speaks and love sees. Love is in the air. Yes, these are all elements of love and it is time that you convey passion through eye contact. If you want to know more that how an eye contact can intensify relationship then you can search on net to know things in details. A look of love is sure to help you feel so comfortable. Being lonely in love is pathetic and this is the reason we often look for an eye full of trust and promises. Be in contact with your partner and it would be best if it is an eye contact.