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Best foods for hair regrowth for men

Best foods for hair regrowth for men

There was a time when male personalities were not so eager to get themselves groomed. Only females had the requirement presenting themselves to the entire world in a different way. Hair forms an important part of the image. But, today male personalities are equally competing in the fashion industry. Thus, people with bald head will never be appreciated over there. In order to have a hair regrowth in men, it will be necessary to know about some food which is ideal for this purpose. You need to consume the right amount and right type of food to gain back your beautiful and lustrous hair.

List of food considered for hair re growth in men

Adequate protein

Along with your body, hair also need adequate amount of protein. You must consume fruits, green leafy vegetables and lots of protein available in meat and fish. Some people might feel that diet is unrelated to the hair. But, once you start getting right amount of all nutrients in your diet, you yourself will understand the positive effect of protein rich diet in your hair.

Right kind of fat

Some people always avoid fat from their diet as they feel it to be really harmful for their body. But, even fat is also quite essential today if consumed in a right amount. It is also important to know what exactly the right amount of fat is. Right type of fat is generally important for healthy hair. Fat is really neccessay to process both minerals as well as vitamins in diet which is also really good for producing healthy hair. Some of the essential vitamins include Vitamins K, A, E, D.

Generally, the food materials such as Omega 3 fatty acid, plant oil etc are really healthy for your hair. It is also equally important to remove the hydrogenated fats or saturated fat. These are again really very harmful for your hair.

Iron and zinc rich food

You must be aware of the food that is rich in zinc and iron. The mineral named as iron is really effective in delivering oxygen to your cells. This is carried from blood till your toes and again up to your hair follicles.  You can consume the lean animal meat which will be quite effective in supplying enough iron to your body and hair even the soy products are effective in this process.

Vitamin C

You must consume the citrus food such as oranges, lemons etc which have enough vitamin C and is very good for your hair. Your hair will grow again and gain a different stage altogether. You can also consume the food like broccoli, spinach, bell peppers in your diet in order to get proper growth and effectiveness of your dull and broken hair.

Along with proper food, you must also have a control over your lifestyle in order to get healthy and newly grown hair. You must avoid excess of styling or else it will be responsible for your hair fall at any age in your life.