lessons to learn from the past relation

lessons to learn from the past relation

Every broken relation makes us to find some new corners of our own life. What ever due to the reason you broke up with your ex you will learn at least some new things which you don’t know before that..From your past relationship you have the chance to rectify your flaws, so grip the things where you have failed. With these modifications your present relation will become smart and perfect. Let us see some of the lessons that you can learn from your past-relationship.


If you guess communication had mis-leaded you in your past relation, then put conscious and improve your communication with your new love life. Communicate in such a way that you are understanding her.

Respect matters a lot

Another good lesson that you have to learn your past relation is respecting your partner and get the respect from her. If you had faced some problems in your past due to giving respect or taking respect its better to shape to in a good form and to ditch those bad actions.

Learn how the things let to go

It is one of the hardest tales you have to learn from your past relationship. Though how much few things are hard core, you need to let go the them for your brighter future. If keep hanging with them, you may not find your next pages of the life. Compare yourself to the past, take a deep breath and say am fine and ok.

Don’t expect your partner to act in your way

If you think one of the thing that made your past relation bad is ‘expecting your partner to act in the way you like’! That’s just change from that attitude, it never go good. You need to give enough freedom to the person, it will make them to feel relax and helps to move easily with you.

Go for the things that make you happy

You might have got the exact partner in your second time. so, just aware about the things which will make you happy.

Relations indulged with the sharing

Relations are not constructed with a single person, it needs the endeavoring effort from both the persons to work good. It is one of the greatest lesson you have to learn from your past relation. After all, How will a single person bare a complete relationship!?

Don’t try to change

As like the prior notion not only stop forcing a person to do some thing but never try to change them from their way. Well, don’t  lose your time being with a person who is constantly trying to mould you from your right way to him/her.

Back off in few situations

This is final lesson you need to learn from your past relation, if both of you or one of you are in a bad mood and it feels it will take to some another sharp steps then take a break and just back off. After things get ok, you can club any ways.

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