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Learn foreplay tips, techniques, tricks, ideas for men to trun her on


Commonly Foreplay is fifteen minutes affection or a short way to express your desire for sex. Men are often pleased by such an attempt but when women are considered by the time they feel orgasm, he is done. It is difficult for women because first they have to be brought to the frame of mind leaving all the daily courses and once they feel in mood their partner would be done with his foreplay.

On average for a women it take more than fifteen minutes to reach orgasm where as men feel it in less than three minutes. Usually men react like the whole day they do not show any preparation of foreplay, no talking or touches but at the time to go to bed they tend to shower kisses making their partner orgasm. Most of the foreplay often occurs outside the bedroom. When these situations occur frequently women may loss their sexual desire. They intend to think that sex is always about him and his likes so they get bored.

Men have their own reasons to do the same as they feel tired and would like to finish thing up soon and go to bed. They do not have time and patience to create a mood or pamper their partner. But do remember there are certain things which need utmost care and involvement rather than do it in a hurry. So to avoid such a situation you can either talk to your partner tell him that you need time to get boost, even can guide him on how he could handle this out.

It is better to educate your partner about this rather than keeping quite. You can tell him the truth on how you can be pleased or got to mood, you can educate him about female body, and you are pleasure zones and your sexual desires. In case of women you can ask your male partner what he would prefer to be given and received in foreplay. In the same manner you can tell him you desire too.

If you can barely tell him, you can guide him by showing or putting his hands over your hot zones, this will show him how you are liked to be touched. Another way to express your view could be by exploring their entire body. Entire body mean from your hair tip to the tip of your toe. When couples explore each other body they come to know exactly what each other likes. Mostly couples feel shy to tell each other their hot spots so by exploring each other body will help to ascertain the same.

This will help the couples know about each other better if they do not want to talk it out openly. There is one more trick to guide him if he is a traditional type cannot be talked or explored. You can tell him that foreplay lasts longer than sex and that could drive him crazy. Men like longer touch and togetherness so when they know that foreplay can last longer it will help you and him to get more orgasm. Always remember to share or talk about you pleasure and desire this will really help to have a good relationship.