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Is your sex life influenced by stars?

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I know that this will sound superstitious but when our stars, moon can control all other aspects of our life then why can’t the stars predict our sex life. To know more about this I decided to speak to an astrologer about it. At first to approach an astrologer and ask such wired questions were very embarrassing. But when you look into any astrologic predictions you will come across general quotes on sex life. Some stars have good sex life for certain period; in some case it is more wired mentioning hot and steamy sex. It is rather confusing and unbelievable to notice that an astrologer just by reading your stars can predict your sex life. The other side of it is, if one can know prior when they can have a good sex it may turn out to be good and can help couples to know the potential time of sex to avoid any grief. But still there are lots of questions unanswered. First and the foremost, for example if a star like Virgo is ascertained, there may be lots of people with the same star. That doesn’t mean that all Virgo’s will have a good romance right. All these cannot be answered by a common man, but an astrologer can help us find it out.

When approached to an astrologer and asked about this, he says not every Virgo have the same nature or horoscope. Virgo with the same planets, moon direction may show similar feelings. He says that astrology can certainly define a man’s mood, sex drive, lust or marriage. It can even ascertain how strong the desire is. In earlier days after marriage a specific time is schedule for the first night. This done by ascertaining the stars of both the spouse, it is believed that by doing so you increase the chance to get a baby soon. It is just scientific solution; an astrologer ascertains the stars of the couple seeing the perfect mood and sex drive time. This is rather complicated study which as full moons, planets and angles, their direction in our life. But all this is not recordable it is just a belief. Astrology is mostly pessimistic which drives positive energy to our life, so when a time predicted as good for sexual contacts, belief or rather positive energy can help us a lot. In astrology sexual/lust advice is much similar to the activities like murder, death, investments and other desires or action. So people with the same star can react in any of the activities. This means that any person having the same star need not have sex drive at the same time; he may be doing other activities. So just remember that henceforth while reading predictions it is not just for you. A general prediction is based common finding about a star. It is not specific, but a positive nature can lead you in a good way. Though superstitious some time star predictions can help to have a good sex life.