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Is stem cell therapy for hair safe and effective?

Is stem cell therapy for hair safe and effective

Literally speaking, stem therapy is a process of treating diseases by the use of the stem cells. For many years the therapy named as bone marrow transplant is used. This is a particular therapy that helped people to sustain their life from years ago. This particular therapy is also a type of stem therapy. Researchers have found out various sources of stem cells and also the effective ways of applying the treatment procedures. Today stem cells therapy has also developed for treating hair loss. Today, not only women, but even men have the problem of hair fall.

Science behind stem cell therapy

People must have an opinion about the risk involved in adopting the stem cell therapy. But, in reality, stem cell therapy is one of the safest therapies to re-grow your hair which have been lost due to various associate factors. Since the stem cells are harvested in your body and with the help of your own body parts it will never harm you like any other foreign objects in your body. Researchers have found out this fact and made the science more exciting to the general public. Along with being ethically as well as morally viable, safety is always guaranteed when a person uses own body stem cell for any type of treatment.

A healthy adult brain consists of neural stem cells. This is used to make a division and maintain a general stem cell number. In every adult person, the progenitor cell migrates within the brain in order to maintain neuron population in an adequate way. Every individual will be cautious about the safety in the procedure when proceeding with a therapy. Researchers are working hard to get proof whether the stem cells are safe or not.

Harvest from fat- safety guaranteed

Individuals having fat layers in their body have made it really helpful to get the appropriate stem cell for growing hair over their head once again.  You will come across the adult stem cells namely AAA stem cells. Steps are performed where the hair regeneration process begins. Here the stem cells are collected from the fat layer of the individual patient with the process of liposuction. Before extracting the cell from the body, the patient is given a local anesthesia.

Process of stem cell extraction

After collection of A.A.A stem cells, the clinician separates the same from the fat tissues. After this step, there will be a process of in vitro culturing. This is done in order to multiply the cells. Guarantee is provided in the process in order to ensure that enough use of hair regeneration treatment is availed. After this, injection is used to apply the stem cells in the particular area where you have a problem with re-growth of hair. Injection is not pushed with the normal needle; rather the microscopic needle is used in this process.

Feeling of the patient

Some people might feel that this process of hair transplantation will be really painful. But in reality it is not so painful, rather they faces very little discomfort in the entire process. After getting this treatment procedure, you will start growing your hair back again within the period of 2 to 4 months. If you have been facing this problem recently, this particular hair loss treatment is really very effective.

Effectiveness of stem cell therapy

It is an effective way to re- grows your hair back to the place. It is really an effective way to see your growing again within the period of 2-4 weeks which cannot be done by any other therapy. It is true that every individual has hair follicle under the skin layer of hair. But, with age even these becomes old. Thus, starting regeneration process once again will be really hard.

Step cell therapy is one of the effective therapies used by many practitioners or hair experts. Patient has achieved success with very safe environment during and after the treatment.