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Is masturbation infidelity? Is self pleasuring also cheating?


Masturbation is never a crime or a betrayal. Both men n women have feelings of their own and most of the people are embarrassed to tell their partners that they masturbate. This is not a thing to hide; you should tell everything to your partner regarding these sexual matters to make your life more easy going and thrilling. Many of them hide it from their partner thinking that their spouse will feel bad. Feel free and always spend some time with your partner to talk about your problems and your feelings. Your partner is a person who will be spending the rest of your life with you. He/she should know everything about you and your feelings. Do not feel ashamed to talk about sex life to your spouse. Even he/she is a human being with feelings and desires. People who are married from many years might not have a sexual intercourse regularly as they are busy with taking care of their family. But they will definitely have feelings for each other and they would want to make love to their partner.

Masturbation is not troublesome in a relationship, but you do not have to hide it from your partner. Share your feelings desires and wants to your partner and enjoy your life with no worries. Some people might feel frustrated or even angry when they hear their partner does masturbate. But this happens, thinking that they are not able to spend more time with their spouse to give ultimate satisfaction. Do not get frustrated or angry when you hear about it, but you should save some valuable time to spend with your spouse to have some personal romantic time. Some sex therapy books say that some people will not share their wants and needs to their partners. They might completely leave it to their partner to identify what they like or dislike. But this is actually a wrong decision. You should tell your partner what you like and what you dislike. You are the one who can easily identify what you really need from your partner.

To have a blissful and passionate sex life, you should share your needs and desires to your partner. This can also enhance the level of pleasure that you can enjoy with your loved one. A survey conducted by sex therapists Philip and Lorna Sarrel says that most of the individuals who share their needs and wants attain orgasm almost all the time they have sex with their partner. There will be certain places where you feel more tender and sensitive and you can tell your partner that about these areas that can make you aroused and high. Never feel that you are not supposed to share such things to your partner. Your partner is your life; you should convey all your feeling and needs to have a happy life with your spouse. The couple who communicate the best will have a better and healthy sexual life and they will be able to enjoy their love life throughout.