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Is Masturbation good for health?

Masturbation is the process of achieving sexual climax   and pleasure by self-stimulation of the genitals. It is the first sexual pleasure achieved by men and women both. This organism can be achieved by touching, stroking or rubbing the penis of the men or clitoris of the women, forgetting all myths about masturbation it is found that   masturbation is a normal and common processes experienced by all men and women some time or the other.It does not cause any physical or mental harm, even if it is done very often

Masturbation: one of the treatments for men to improve sexual stamina

Society accepts male masturbation for variety of good reasons. For some men, masturbation is simply a fun. But, research has found out its benefits more than fun. Yes, this is a way to improve sexual stamina when you are having intercourse with your partner. It is also a healthy way for a man to go through sexual activity when he is alone. There was some problem in the society few years ago in accepting male masturbation in a man. But, today all men are free to carry on this activity without any hindrance.

Who requires masturbation?

Men normally find masturbation a way to get rid of sexual tension that build in the body over a period of time , especially when they do not have a partner or want to avoid pregnancy or the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. It is also needed when the sperm has to be given for infertility test or for sperm donation.

Benefits of masturbation

  • Studies have revealed that men masturbating 3-4 times a week at a lesser risk to develop prostate cancer. The disease causing toxins are washed out in the process of rubbing and thrown out of the body.
  • Regular masturbation helps to prevent erectile dysfunction by tightening the pelvic muscles and allowing the orgasm to stay a longer time. It is a good exercise to train the pelvic muscles for a better sexual life
  • The stress hormone cortisol which increases with ejaculation helps to maintain immunity in the body. It also develops the right environment to boost the immune system.
  • Masturbation helps in lifting one’s mood by releasing neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin in the brain. Orgasm is the best medicine to serve as a dopamine to put one to sleep.
  • Masturbation helps one to admire, fall in love with one’s own body and get lots of knowledge about the mind and body. One develops a sense of confidence in the process.
  • Studies have revealed that men masturbating before intercourse improve the quality of sperms as the residual sperms are transported earlier during masturbation.
  • A unique health issue is that swelling of vessels in the noseduring masturbation tends to improve the symptoms of common cold, hay fever and other interrelated diseases.
  • Masturbation is safe form of sex that has no dangers of sexually transmitted diseases or fear of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Masturbation helps to relax the muscles of the body and mind and relieves stress and depression of the mind.

What is the right way?

Many male might have gone through the process of masturbation. But, they might have not known the actual way. But today, internet has made us easy to get any information through search engine. The right way to masturbate is stimulating at an initial stage but take a break before it reaches the stage of orgasm. When you reach 6 in your pleasure scale, make attempt to get your excitement down. Now you must take deep breath and start the process of masturbation again. This step is very important even when you are going through a sexual process with your partner. You can also set your own time by placing a stop watch for this process.

Discover new techniques

Apart from building stamina in the process of sexual intercourse, masturbation also helps in earning new techniques. If you are quite bored while following same process again and again, it is the time to take up new technique that interests you. A male personality can learn variety of strokes that can bring back your sexual pleasures in variety of ways.


Touching in a different angle with movement up and down can increase your intensity and arousal. You can also use another hand to create further stimulation in the process. You can also use your hand to carry on with tickling and twisting activity. You must focus on frenulum where nerves response easily and drastically.

Sex toys

Today, market is flooded with wide ranges of sex toys. If you are no more satisfied with masturbation with your hands, sex toys will be very effective. You can now get variety of online stores where sex toys are readily available. You can easily use a vibrator which helps in stimulating your scrotum. Among the sex toys, you can also get the variety that gives you the feeling that you are inside your partner. You can get enough tools to spice up yourself when you are not with your partner.

Some people are quite afraid to deal with the new techniques of masturbation. But, if you want to get a physical enjoyment by yourself, do experiment with the new techniques. You can also view sex bound films and inculcate ne fantasies. You can also go wild without having any partner. You can enjoy yourself with variety of techniques and sex tools. Your sexual energy will boost up soon to provide satisfaction while making love to your partner.