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Is Finasteride the real solution for the prostate cancer?

finasteride for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most important health problem faced by men. This problem is not a life threateningdisease. Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial experimented on the drug finasteride which was tested and was helpful in preventing cancer in patients above the age of 55. Finasteride (Proscar) is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men who have enlarged prostate.The drug was administered to several patients but nearly 19,000 men age 55 and older showed no signs of prostate cancer after taking 5 mg of finasteride daily for 7 years.

Prostate cancer is a very serious health condition for many men. Today, medical science has found out several ways of treating prostate cancer in males. According to the medical team, people can also use Finasteride to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. People using Finasteride regularly for the period of 7 years can easily overcome the difficult situation of prostate cancer. If you have crossed 55years of age, you might have a risk of getting prostate cancer. You must go through regular checkup and eradicate this physical condition from the root.


Finasteride is said to reduce the size of the prostate in adult men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia or commonly termed as BPH. The drug can reduce the symptoms of BPH and reduce the chances of surgery. The benefits of this medicine are that it reduces the frequent urge of urination and better flow without any strain.

Side Effects—the medicine decreases the sexual desire by decreasing the release of semen. Other side effects can be hair growth on the body. Most people do not have serious side effects of this medicine but there are some serious side effects which must be reported to the doctor immediately. These include lump in the breast, discharge from nipples, and pain in the testicles and difficulty in urinating. Another serious reaction of the drug is rash, itching, and swelling especially on the face, tongue and throat and difficulty in breathing.

Clinical trial for Finasteride remedy

In January 1994, a clinical trial was designed in a large and randomized size to check whether the drug named as Finasteride is capable for treating prostate cancer. 5 alpha reductase is a hormone present in each man’s body which helps in controlling the activity of hormone testosterone. This is a hormone which is good for every men carrying on with sexual activity in a healthy married life. But, soon after he crosses 50 years of age, his sexual activity becomes limited. Thus, the chance of having prostate cancer will be more. 5 alpha reductase is such a hormone that influences the size of hormone which in turn fuels the growth of prostate cancer.

The food and drug Administration in the year 1992 proves Finasteride as a proven treatment for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is also very effective in treating the male pattern baldness. Yet, the particular drug was not totally proved for treating prostate cancer.

After 15 months of availing regular consumption of Finasteride, people having the risk of prostate cancer has reduced its risk by around 25 percent. People suffering from the low grade prostate cancer have reduction of 38 percent risk.

Benefit of Finasteride in Prostate cancer

After several tests of the researchers, Finasteride plays an effective role in shrinking the volume of prostate which will help in making the high grade cancer easier to detect with the help of biopsy. The tests were run on several men who have crossed 55 years of age. After taking this drug on a regular basis, around 19,000 men were in a healthy state without developing any symptom of prostate cancer. Those men were asked to consume 5mg of Finasteride for a period of 7 years to prove this fact. These people are monitored regularly by the medical team to examine their healthy status. But, nothing wrong was found in them within the period when they were consuming this drug.

Tests to check prostate cancer symptoms

Along with regular monitoring, two types of tests were also conducted. These two tests were named as:

  • Digital rectal exam
  • Prostate specific Antigen

Men consuming Finasteride has decreased the risk of prostate cancer. As compared to radical surgery or radiation, consuming this drug on a regular basis will be risk free in treating patient suffering from prostate cancer. The survival rates were more in men consuming Finasteride in a regular basis to stop the problem of prostate cancer.

Is finasteride the right solution for prostatecancer?

No! It is not the right solution for the prevention of prostate cancer. There are chances of a more severe form of prostate taking place. This medicine can only prevent them from knowing that they can develop a serious disease. The side effects of the drug are not worth taking the risk.

Studies have shown that people taking finasteride if diagnosed with prostate cancer are likely to get the disease in a much more serious form. Most experts in the field do not recommend the drug to prevent prostate cancer. According to them the patient is taken into a false security and if by any chance they develop prostate cancer it comes as a high grade disease. One needs to be careful that if a benign prostate on taking finasteride their PSA goes up even a little, they must immediately go for a biopsy as the risk of getting cancer is much higher.