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What is the starting point of men’s exercise?

Importance of Exercise in men
Importance of Exercise in men

All men know the importance of exercise intheir lives. It is believed that testosterone is athing that makes men, men. There are numberof benefits of optimal testosterone levels. Itincreases the libido, boostshappiness, prevents your body from cardiovascular disease, arthritis and many other painful ailments. Ithelps in increasing muscle strength and dmental and physical energy. All exercises likebench press, sprinting, dead lifts and squatsare testosterone boosters.  Besides boostingtestosterone regular exercise improvesmemory, increases learning and helps in clearthinking.

There are several persons who try to startexercise but fail to continue. They find excusesto miss the opportunity like avoid the gymwhen it is raining or stop carried out therequired workout as there is a program on theTV. These people are not weak in character butare actually not following the right strategy.

Tips for Beginners

Start slow—the mind and body of men isconstantly in search of comfort andconsistency. Hence deciding to start a newroutine often fails. The changes in the dailyroutine should be incorporated gradually sothat it turns into a habit after sometime.

Train two days per week—it is best to fix asuitable time for just two days a week. Thefixed workout routine can be changed to goingfor a walk or going to the gym instead of aworkout. The most important thing is toestablish the habit of workout. The least to dois to change to workout clothes   and changeback. One will find that the habit of going togym or regular exercise will become a part oflife.

Stand up straight– The first and foremostconcept of exercise is to check one’s posture.The correct posture is that one must stand withshoulder’s back, chest out, standing or sittingstraight with tight abdomen muscles.

Frequency– Beginners need to exercise twoworkouts once per week with a gap of one day.The exercises must be done 8-10 times inabout half an hour. In about a month’s timethese workouts will become a part of the dailyroutine and one will be looking forward to it.

Meals and Sleep—this must be followed byhealthy meals and regular sleep pattern.

Begin from the basic-walking is perhaps the best exercise for the ones who have just started to work out or thinking about doing so. All you need is a pair of shoes and you are all set. A brisk walk on regular basis can slash unto 500 calories per hour. Start with a 30 minutes’ session and gradually keep adding 5-10 minutes at a time. Walking is not only for the beginners but for the regular gym goers too.

What to avoid                                          

You have abided by all the guidelines of working out yet can’t achieve desirable results, there must be some mistake you are making constantly. Even the most dedicated fitness freaks are also not free of flaws. Here are some words of caution you should follow before and while exercising: you should not stick to one particular exercise for ages. Forinstance, some people prefer to run on treadmill for a long duration. It’s not only boring but after a certain span of time, you muscles grow used to the challenge of the exercise, it becomes an easy task. Cross-training is an essential step of exercising. Mix up your routine with various workouts and by varying the intensity and time duration of them.

Choosing the right shoe for your workout regime will protect you from injuries and will increase your functionality. Replace your shoes as soon as the midsole support and cushioning get worn out. Make sure the shoes fit you perfectly.

Don’t demotivate yourself by sticking to the numerical result. Seldom it’s good to use a tool to track your running time or heart rate but overuse of these tools will simply take away the spontaneity and joy of exercise. You don’t need to push yourself too hard against the will of your body.

A Workout Program

This as a simple workout program which takesabout 40 minutes provides good results and isliked by beginners. This Strong Lifts programconsists of two workouts with five exercises ineach.

Workout A

  • Squat to be repeated  5 times
  • Bench Press to be repeated  5 times
  • Inverted Rows
  • Push-ups to be repeated 3 times
  • Reverse Crunch to be repeated 12 times

Workout B

  • Squat to be done 5 times
  • Overhead Press to be repeated 5 times
  • Dead lift one set for 5 times
  • Pull-ups/Chin-ups to be done 3 times
  • Prone Bridges to be repeated 3 times.

Remember establishing the habit of regular exercise is bound to provide number of benefits for the rest of one’s life.