How is obesity related to men infertility?

How is obesity related to men infertility?

How is obesity related to men infertility

Introduction to obesity—obesity is a medical condition in which excess fat builds up in the body causing negative affect on the health of the person. This condition is caused by several factors, failure to burn the extra calories one takes through food and drinks is certainly the primary of all.Lack of physical activity is one of the major factors leading to obesity. Such situation arises when an individual lacks adequate physical activities.

When the men put on extra weight they tend to lose their capacity of fertility. Obesity can have bad effects on the reproductive system of man and in the past thirty years the latest facts have been established in the support of the fact. Obesity can affect the male reproductive capacity and there can be reduction in the quality of the sperm. This also alters the structure of the germ cells an there are differences in the molecular and the physical contents. Recently it has been discovered that obesity can spoil the rate of offspring metabolism and in the process the reproductive health gets worse affected.

Studies have shown that the majority of the people who are into sedentary jobs suffer from obesity.Genes too are a strong determinant of body weight and shape of a person. Your chances of gaining excess weight automatically increase if one of both of your parents are obese. Among the other prominent reasons, hypothyroidism, use of certain medicines, bad habits like alcoholism, smoking, insomnia, depression, stress, hormonal imbalance are noteworthy. The most common factor giving rise to this situation is the changes in behavior and environment of the modern technological society.

Introduction to infertility

Infertility is the problem which a woman fails to conceive for over two years after normal sexual relationship. Male infertility is a common term for the condition in which a man is unable to impregnate a fertile woman. There can be several factors related to infertility arising in problems in minor women. These may include low sperm count in men or damage of some part of the reproductive system in women. Semen quality is used as a measure of male fertility. It becomes difficult for a man to make a woman pregnant if the sperm ejaculation is low, the sperm is of poor quality or if the blockages in the reproductive obstruct the delivery of the sperm. Among 1 in 20 men complain of infertility every year. Sometimes the cause remains unidentified. Some other environmental and lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking can also lead to infertility.

Impact of Obesity on Male fertility

Male obesity in the youngsters has increased considerably in the last 30 years. It coincides with the male infertility all around the world.Male obesity has a negative impact on the sperm quality and brings physical and molecular changes of the germ cells in the testes and the on the mature sperm. Obesity also affects the reproductive health of the child indicate that parental health problems are transmitted to the next generation through the sperm. It is necessary to create health awareness amongst the youngsters for a better generation ahead.

Obesity is deeply associated with the sperm transport and sperm production. The increasing accumulation of body causes the decline of the semen quality and sperm count. Overweight also triggers common sexual problems like low libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation-all of which ultimately result in infertility in most cases. Prevalence of obesity may decrease the level of male sex hormone testosterone, disrupt the balance of androgen and estrogen, gonadotropin, insulin resistance. Hypogonadism is a leading contributor to male obesity in 25-30% of all cases.

Male obesity and infertility–the epidemic break out of obesity among the adults coincides with an increase in male infertility.Obese men are more likely to suffer infertility due to poor sperm counts.

  • Researchers have found that male obesity directly affects the estrogen levels with high fat deposits leading to lowering of testosterone levels.
  • Obesity hinders the embryo development by bringing some unwanted changes in the oocyte.
  • This also prevents the synthesis of hormones required by the male reproductive system.
  • Obesity can also lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • The relationship between obesity and
  • Infertility can also lead to other factors besides sexual dysfunction.
  • The sperm count and concentration is found less in obese men.
  • Male obesity can also cause alterations in semen parameters. It has been associated with lower sperm concentration, total sperm count and sperm morphology.
  • Obesity leads to increased avoidance of sexual relation and difficulty in sexual performance, which in turn leads to dissatisfaction in sexual life.
  • Overweight men suffer from changes in sleep pattern, sexual behaviour, hormonal profile and quality of semen.
  • There is an increased activity of aromatase which induces stress on white fatty tissues.
  • Paternal obesity passes the risks of diabetes and obesity onto the next generation.

It has been found by researchers that obesity has a negative effect on fertility, function of the sperm and long term impact on the health of the child. Some scientists believe obesemen can be helped in reversing infertility by gastric bypass surgery and proper management of hormonal balance. A few changes in lifestyle,diet and exercise can overcome the damaging effects of obesity on sperm function and in improving the quality of sperm.

The details of the process

Now, there are defects in the matured sperm quality and the sole reason for this is the kind of obesity in men. Once the disease sets it is naturally transmitted to the next generation and in the way things are in progress and infertility becomes a genetic tendency at the end. The germ cell comes with the kind of molecular profile in the testes and the sperm from the males who have become obese I changed to the form of epigenetic modifier. So, you should have the proper awareness regarding obesity in men. For this it is imperative that you understand the molecular structuring in human beings.

Obesity can cause problems in the sexual process

It is true that obesity is a global health concern and if you have the right intention you can step out from the inconvenience and indulge in a proper reproductive method. Several people are classified as over weight and these are the people to have problems in the process of reproduction. The truth is that when one gain in immense weight he is not physically flexible. He is not comfortable in all the sexual poses and this makes the partner sexually disinclined and in consequence she is not ready for sex.


  • Male factor infertility is highly associated with obesity
  • Obesity can affect male fertility both directly and indirectly.
  • Obesity can affect the endrocrinological properties of the tissues
  • Obesity can lead to hormonal imbalance.
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