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How to Understand Virgo Woman


To keep it short and sweet, your Miss Virgo is an organized, hard working and choosy woman. She has no disillusionment towards what she wants from life and is willing to devote every second to it. Being rules by Mercury, she is wise and ever-interested in an intelligent, rewarding conversation. However, she can be hyper-active round the clock, thus falling victim to sleeping disorders like insomnia. Regardless of how much she likes or loves you, health and service will top on her priority lists. She can be a fitness freak and extremely picky about her foods. Having someone by her side will encourage her even more. She also has a big heart and would love donating for benevolent causes. People born under this zodiac sign represent the conclusion of summer and beginning of fall, which is, the time of harvest, celebration and feasting. So het birthdays are very special to her. It is one of the rarest times of the year when she would appreciate lavish birthday bashes, partying and gifts that come straight from the heart.

Virgo Women in Love

Your lady Virgo might take a lot of time to give her consent. But once she is smitten, marriage and creating a comfy home for you will be her priority. Nothing perhaps gives him more pleasure than comforting her partner. So when she inquires if she can do anything from you, she actually means it. Allow her to be the matriarch of your family, and see what it means to be a ‘perfect’ home. She will pay special care to cleanliness and hygiene related matters and can be equally critical if things do not go her way. But she does not want to hurt you by her criticisms; she just wants to improve you. Basically, she is never at peace with herself and always tries to improve in every possible way. She expects the same for others, that’s all. Be sure to stay neat and clean while you spend time with her! You will be ever-captivated by her charm and naturally pretty face. But to keep the romantic juice flowing, it is important that you keep her tantalized. See her at her best when she is not getting bored or dragged by monotony.

The Fix-It Perfectionist

You will love her down-to-earth nature. It is her no-nonsense approach that allows her to manage any situation. You might often wonder if she has ever been endowed with some sort of Midas-touch bliss. The secret to her perfection is, however, her personal motto- be prepared for everything. This is a policy that she follows to the T. So whether you are throwing a party, or arranging a campfire, or helping your neighbor in emergency, lady Virgo will know the right thing to do and the right things to bring along. People will always look for her when they have forgotten to bring something, or when they will need some suggestions. Your Virgo lady will be more than glad to oblige.

Soothes the Bumps on Road

If something gets on your nerves, your Lady Virgo can soothe it to perfection with a mild caress and a gentle word or two. She is, in fact, an expert to manage to any chaotic situation. Her method of settling this is quite simple. She will have a look around her surroundings, analyze the situation and arrive at an easy solution, simply by applying her common sense. It is their superb organizational power that makes them extremely good at careers that require an analytical mind. She might be a scientist, doctor or a lawyer or can sacrifice her career to be a homemaker. Whatever she does, she will put her best efforts to it for sure.

What Turns Her Off

A Virgo lady hates melodrama. Though adjustable otherwise, she would not allow anything or anyone that creates hindrance towards a way to stability. So make sure that you never upset her. She can be very optimistic and believe that there is potential in everyone. She will do whatever she can to help the person concerned reach his/ her respective goals. Her friends will just need to count on her. However, she wins trust and respect no sooner others start understanding her. Same prevails for her romantic life. You will not have to be over-chivalrous and make grand gestures to win her over; a sense of sincerity and devotion will be well enough! There is no need to plan and play games to sweep her off the feet.