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How to stop turning off your partner

If you are a guy, would like to know how to turn on your lady, it is very important to know things that may get her out of her mood. It is important to know what to do and how much to be done to keep her in a good mood. If the guy is struggling to get his wife mood on, then without any doubt he is rather putting her off. Men always have the tendency of doing things faster. But when its concerned about intimacy and love-making gentle and passionate approach works better. Showing aggressiveness may actually turn off your partner. And not to forget you need to take good care of yourself to make an impression on the other. Appearance make lot of difference in your relationship. Planning some surprises help in getting them back to mood. Trying to learn her turn offs and turn on will help you in getting things done better. You can do it by asking and discussing thing with her. This will also help in having a good relationship. Below mentioned are some simple steps to remove turn off.

Eliminate Negativity

what happens outside the bedroom mostly turns on or off a woman, when it come to closeness. If it happens like there are more lack of enthusiasm outside the bedroom, then you cannot expect a positive experience in the bedroom. It is important to speak with the woman you are with, in a positive way. Both your relationship should not be negative, it has an adverse effect in the bedroom.

Take good care of yourself

You should stop being careless of yourself. You may not think it as important, pertaining to intimacy, a woman always gets turned off by a man who does not care for himself. It is very important to know that a man who properly cares about himself is considered as highly attractive by the woman. So pay more attention to yourself, take more care about your orderly, the way you smell, your dress code and well groom yourself. In a relationship appearance plays a vital role.

Stop being forceful

Men can be categorized into two types. One the guy who knows that they need to be more gentle while making love and the other who don’t realize the same. During the early stage of arousal, you should be more careful not to show any type of sexual aggressiveness which may lead to turn off your partner. Man mostly make mistake thinking that females want them to take control and always NO means actually YES. When it about the sex men normally think that female always wants it rough. Thinking so they rather turn them off. Mostly mistake of action is lesser than mistake of time while love-making. It is common mistake made by the man while arousal and love-making is not the mistake of action rather it the mistake of time. They often get aggressive at the wrong time.

Do not bring up other women

When you bring up another woman or other women during sex, it can turn off your woman since it might make her jealous. It will make them sound insecure. So, do not bring them up at all.

Spend some money on dates

If you do not spend some money on a few dates on behalf of your woman, you would be considered cheap by her. Spending some money on a few dates will make you look good in her eyes.

Keep your word

If you are not going to do something that you have promised her, do not even bother to make a promise to her. Talking big game and not following through can be a big turn off for her.

Do not be oversensitive

All your life, you have been taught that you should be chivalrous and courteous. However, some men tend to overdo these things. Sensitive men are nice but those who are oversensitive can be major turnoffs for women. It is not a great way to spend the weekend sharing handkerchiefs to wipe each other’s tears.

Do not act too smart

Some men think they have it all. However, at some point of time after they have received a lot of smothering and attention from their partners, they begin to think that they own the world. Stop being pompous! Just stop acting too smart in front of her. It is a big turn off for your woman.

Do not be insecure

If you are insecure, she will stop finding you attractive. Instead of boring her with your insecurity, try to cheer her up. Make her feel better about herself. Give her some good company or spend some time doing things for yourself. If you have an animated conversation with her, then you have definitely hit the jackpot!

Do not be fidgety

Maybe you are a touchy feely individual but preferably do not show that side of yours to your woman. As far as possible, avoid playing with your hair or fidgeting with a pen while dating her. She would simply be turned off since it goes to show that you do not care for her. Moreover, it also goes to show that you are forgetting that you are a man, which is worse than anything else.

Avoid narcissism of all sorts

Maybe you have mirror cracking good looks. However, if you show your narcissistic attitude towards your woman, she will be turned off instantly. She might think that your looks are more important to you than spending time with her whenever you look in the mirror or ask her whether you really look good. So, avoid narcissism of all sorts.

Avoid showing overenthusiastic

Are you into sports? Video games? Maybe you like going to the gym a lot. Stop talking to her about it for a minute. It maybe soccer fever or anything else. However, going on about it on a date with her will turn her off completely. Moreover, if she does not share your interest or like your favorite sports team, stop trying to rouse her interest by ranting on and on about it. It would be too boring for her.

Exhibit some good manners

Manners are extremely important when it comes to impressing her. Stop being unapologetic if you have hurt her in some way or another. Learn to man up and exhibit some good manners in front of her. Stop making a fuss or pouting like a three year old. Otherwise, it would be a major turn off for her.

Show her that you are smart

You are not a dumb person. Show her that you are one of the smartest men around. Instead of speaking out your mind about your true feelings, try to ask her what she likes and what she dislikes. If you feel she is looking the other way while you are talking, change the topic subtly to avoid boring her. Do not ever make the mistake of saying, “You are feeling bored, aren’t you? I won’t mind. You can tell me…” Unless you want her to cry in desperation or make her feel totally helpless till she cries out, do not make this mistake. It can be one of the biggest turn offs.