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Adverse effects of low testosterone on men health

Adverse effects of low testosterone on men health

Sexual problems are viewed in individuals as soon as male hormones are dropped. These are also responsible in affecting the mood, concentration as well as weight of an individual. People having a partner before and after marriage must have an idea of sex and its arousing feel. Testosterone can be treated as a fuel to light up the sexual intercourse. Low level of testosterone can be responsible for reduction of concentration. People can also have effects like irritation as well as depression. Another adverse effect of low testosterone is increase in fatty layer in the body.  There is also a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Some people also can suffer from cancer, heart disease etc.

How to treat low testosterone level in men?

When the low testosterone level affects male personalities, our medical science have also found out many different ways of treat such conditions. Such men are today really fortunate as they can get the effective remedies to raise the testosterone back again to its normal level. Today, you can get variety of such treatment procedures which also comes with its different forms. You need to speculate the treatment process according to your suitability as it includes variety of pros as well as cons.

Ways of treatment

One of the ways of treatment is named as deep muscle injections. These are the oldest yet known to be one of the expensive and effective treatment processes. This is the treatment process of three weeks. The individuals engaged in medical proceedings get the biggest boost in the first few days. After the boosting effects, the levels start dropping. This type of treatment is not for all those who are needle shy in nature. You must be prepared for taking the painful injection.

Application of patches and gels

Another way of increasing testosterone is application of patches and gels in a proper way. Here the testosterone is absorbed within the bloodstream of an individual. According to the updates, they are quite easy to be used. But, some men has problem with this method as they develop rashes, irritation. People using these gels must keep in mind that their partners as well as children do not touch the same.

Consuming tablets

There are also tablets used for the male personalities having problem with the low testosterone level. There is also a special technique of consuming the same. These are placed between the gums as well as the upper lips. You have to consume it exactly the way you chew the tobacco. The tablet takes a period of 12 hours and then releases testosterone slowly inside the blood. But, you must tolerate its taste as they are really bitter in taste and can be proved as an irritant for your gums.

Subcutaneous implants

Another type of treatment procedure is known as subcutaneous implants. These are really effective in treating low testosterone level in individuals. After placement of the implants, they works continuously for the period of six months at a stretch. This is the latest and effective method.