How to stop snoring in Men ?  Tips to stop snoring

How to stop snoring in Men ? Tips to stop snoring


The man who snores makes other suffer
Uncle do you snore? When I asked the uncle
The uncle said, “No no. I never snore.’

If his family members present there, they laugh and joke him. Because no one can bear his snoring which sounds loud and it can be heard at a distance. But he does not know that he snores.

It was the opinion in the olden days that the aged uncles and aunty’s snore regularly when they sleep.

But now a day every one snores due to cold, fever and any other circulatory problem. A small boy of three year old snores when he suffers from fever. That is the status of snoring. Snoring is a serious problem.

An adolescent girl says, ‘ I don’t marry a man who snores”
Immediately her mother answered –do you mean that I married your father knowingly?
No mam….

How to know that a man or woman snores?
There were/are no tests to say in advance about the habit of snoring.

The snoring will not be all time same. That is same sound, same length, same frequency……

The same man gives different sounds like birds, small voices, grunt voices etc.

A wife leaving the bed beside her husband used to sleep in the next room because he snores with such a big sound.

It is heard now a days that a wife asks for a divorce because of his snoring.

Up to now we discussed about the listener of the snoring. Now talk about the person who snores.

He or she can not sleep regularly. Sleep is disturbed in between. Every person who snores can not have sound sleep. It develops into heart ailments.
Here is flash: some sprays and pills are sold in the market. Some snoring aids are also sold. But be careful that they are not clinically proved. Follow them only after your doctor checks and prescribes them.

1. Sleeping position may help you.

Basing the back is the cause for the problem. When you rest like this, the soft palate falls on the throat and create vibrating sound while you sleep.
Sleeping by side may not bring this problem. The sufferer may direct the snoring man to sleep sideways. It is good for you. He may not snore.
If he not sleep sideways, put a full length pillow on the back. He can not sustain much time on the pillow, but turns either of the sides.
Sometimes have a number of pillows behind the neck. It also gives some relief. But there may be neck pain. If not controlled, better visit the doctor.

2. Weight loss may reduce the problem to some extent.

If snoring started after gaining weight, weight loss may reduce the snoring.
During aging, some get weight around neck which also makes the problem savior.

3. The habit alcohol and sedatives cause snoring.
Drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping makes snoring worse, People who don’t normally snore will snore after drinking alcohol.

4. People used to work more hours for more money.

The restlessness may cause you snore. When you sleep hard and deep, the muscles become floppier and it causes snoring,

5. Take care about nasal canal.

When some one or your wife brings to your notice or vice verse, try to approach the doctor to check up your nasal passage. It it narrow, it is quite normal snoring occurs. Bath with hot water and it will certainly help reducing the snoring some extent. If you sleep during the day and won’t snore but snores at the night in your bed room means the

6. Allergic condition in your bed room also cause snoring.

The dust in pillows also causes snoring. Don’t allow your pets to sleep on your beds. It also causes snoring. Pillows are to be cleaned for every fortnight and they may be replaced for every six moths.
Don’t blindly follow for newly marketed pillows which are told that are made to keep you good at the bed room. They may not give such relief what is told for selling them.

7. Don’t be dehydrated.

Dehydration causes more snoring. Drink plenty of fluids. .
According to the Institute of Medicine, healthy women should have about 11 cups of total water (from all drinks and food) a day; men require about 16 cups.

Overall, get enough sleep, sleep on your side, avoid alcohol before bedtime and take a hot shower if nasal passages are clogged. These simple practices can make a huge difference in reducing snoring.

Most people like to sing, don’t they? Well, it seems thatthe nose too loves to hum. It might sound weird buteven the noseseems to be practicing its vocal skills whenpeople fall asleep. Sometimes it tries to mimic a flute, while on other days it sounds like a drilling machine. Even the English novelist, W. M. Thackeray, could not resist himself from defining snoring as the “gentle, unromantic music of the nose”. This leadspeople to wonder if snoring is only music or an affliction!

What is snoring?

Snoring is quite a common thing.Many people have the experience of snoring at least once in their lifetime, but it can really get annoying sometimes.Several studies conducted over time have found relationships to have grown stronger and result in lesser numbers of divorce cases or estrangements after the problem of snoring in their partners had been treated surgically or otherwise. Snoring is caused mainly by the air movement between the nose and throat. The air movement makes the respiratory tissues vibrate, thus creating a snoring sound. It can range from a soft snore to a loud one. People, who snore, often have excessive respiratory tissues (nose and throat tissues) or “floppy” tissues, which vibrate all the more and cause obstruction in breathing while sleeping. Sometimes, the position of the tongue can also obstruct the passage of free/smooth airflow and result in snoring. Whatever be the reason, it is possible to rectify snoring if the exact cause is identified.

What are the causes of snoring? Why do men snore?

Snoring is often taken as a minor problem and not much attention is paid to it. However, it can really be annoying for the partner who has to sleep next to the snorer. Snoring can have many causes; some of them may sound very silly but actually might need medical attention. The general causes of snoring that have been identified till now are as follows:

  1. Throat weakness or under toned throat muscles can cause the throat to close or narrow down during sleep, disrupting the easy flow of air.
  2. The mis-positioning of the jaw or tongue may also cause obstruction in the breathing process and lead to snoring.
  3. Being overweight or having fatty tissues around the throat region can also be a major cause of snoring.
  4. Blocked or stuffy nose creates a disturbance in breathing.
  5. Snoring can also be caused by a serious medical condition called the ‘obstructive sleep apnea,’ which is a breathing obstruction.
  6. The tissues of the throat may vibrate and cause a snore when the air passes through the passage way.
  7. Alcohol, drugs or any other such substances may be some of the causes of snoring. Also, tranquilizers like Lorazepam or Diazepam result in muscle relaxation leading to further snoring.
  8. The posture in which one sleeps can also be another reason that might lead to snoring.Lying on one’s back leads the throat muscles to constrict the air passage.
  9. Ageing and narrow air passages are also some of the factors that cause snoring. Men have narrower air passages as compared to women which is why they snore more than them.

People snore due to different causes – some of which are yet to be identified and rectified – a challenge that can be easily overcome.

Can snoring cause other ailments?

Snoring in itself is an affliction, which causes other ailments as well. Snoring has been known as a cause for “sleep deprivation” of snorers and the people sleeping next to them. This can result in irritability, lack of focus/concentration, drowsiness, anxiety, and decreased libido. Sleep deprivation for a long period of time may lead to psychological afflictions.

Snoring can also be associated with the atherosclerosis of the carotid artery, in which the snoring vibrations are carried to the carotid artery and damage it, leading to the development of atherosclerosis plaque. Researchers also opine that loud snoring may cause increased turbulence in the carotid blood artery, thus irritating the blood cells and causing atherosclerosis.

What are the possible ways to cure/treat snoring?

Obstructed or blocked air passage being the most common cause of snoring, most treatments revolve around an attempt to clear the blockage. Every day, new remedies and solutions are coming up in the market, promising the buyer a peaceful and ‘snore-less’ sleep, even though one does not know how many of them truly work . Hence, the best cure to snoring can be a natural cure, which may include a little change in one’s lifestyle.

  • To begin with, one can start by losing weight; being overweight adds fatty tissues around the throat; losing weight can significantly reduce snoring by reducing the fatty tissues.
  • Exercising is yet another way to reduce weight and tone the muscles as well. Toned throat muscles help reduce snoring.
  • Giving up one’s smoking habits is essential to get rid of snoring. The smoke from the cigarettes irritates the membranes of the throat tissues and can lead to the blockage of the nose and throat.
  • Drinking alcohol or taking tranquilizers before going to sleep can cause snoring. They relax the throat muscles which interfere with the breathing process and produce a snore.
  • A healthy lifestyle and regular sleeping schedule are essential for a healthy life and this could also significantly aid one’s attempts to stop snoring.
  • Changing your sleeping posture is another good way of dealing with snoring problems. Avoid sleeping on your stomach; this too causes the tissues to relax and creates a blockage in the airway.
  • Last but not the least an anti-snore mouth appliance might also be effective in reducing snores. One may contact one’s physician and get a prescription for using such devices.

If none of these self-cure methods work or provide any relief, one will have to consult a physician or an otolaryngologist (ENT) in order to get a recommendation for some such medical device or surgical process. Some of these procedures are as follows:

  • Continuous positive airway pressure: the snorer is given a mask to wear over his nose from which the release of some pressurized air keeps the track free from blockage and the person finds it easier to breathe.
  • Surgical removal of tissues, which is traditionally known by terms such as ‘uvulopalatopharyngoplasty’, ‘tonsillectomy,’ etc. are also effective ways to combat snoring.
  • Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty: it is a process that makes use of laser to shorten the uvula and make small cuts on the palate. The cuts heal and the tissues stiffen thus preventing the vibration of the tissues that cause snoring.
  • Yet another surgical process designed to prevent the collapse of the soft palate and treat snoring is the implantation of pillars in the soft palate.
  • Somnoplasty: it is yet another way to remove the tissues of the uvula and soft palate which cause the vibrations.

Snoring is just a physical issue and not something that is to be embarrassed about. With proper diagnosis and care, it can easily be taken care of. If snoring has been the cause of problems in your relationship with your partner, this is a golden chance of getting it corrected. Simply follow the cures and impress your partner.

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