How to smoke with electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes?

How to smoke with electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes?


Smoking is injurious to health. This is the caution printed on the cigarette packets to warn the men who take the cigarette and starting to smoke. Could this caution change at least a man. Of course might not. The people see the board ‘DANGER’ at electric poll and they keep away. Why do not the same people keep away to cigarette smoking? The person, who started this is alive, can die by suicide on seeing the craze in the people for smoke. Yes parents, elders or teachers tired and tired but the smokers did not tire of smoking. The traditions change and charge but there has been no change in cigarette smokers.

There are some methods to change the moods of the smokers to stop smoking. But the seekers number has been on rise. New comers come into year by year, no month by month, no no day by day. A ten year old boy habituates to smoking ny seeing the men around him.

Smoking came from the Western countries where the snow forces them to have a cigar to get heat up. If the idea is so, why is it required in the counties where hotness prevails over? There is no answer.

  • It is a happy note that new type of cigarettes arrived. Let us see how far the youth turn to it. The name of the new cigarette is e-cigarette. The expansion of it is electronic cigarette. This name is more catchy. Youth may swung into it because the electronic is the stone on which they usually stand and jump for the past so many years.
  • Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices, They that turn liquid nicotine into a vapor when we inhale. They look like our cigarettes. Some even have a light at the end that glows when we inhale.
  • Electronic cigarettes may satisfy nicotine cravings for smokers. They can be used in nonsmoking areas. They won’t have harmful chemicals like what they are in the real cigarettes.

Don’t be hurry for them. Let us think about how do they work.

They have three main parts.
1. The mouthpiece has a cartridge which contains a nicotine solution.
2. A heating element turns the solution into a vapor when inhaled.
3. A battery provides power to the heating element.

The nicotine in these cigarettes comes in flavors like the regular and menthol. There are hundreds of other flavors like cherry, chocolate, and cola.

A chemical in the vapor turns it white so that it looks like smoke, even when you exhale.
Electronic cigarettes and pipe are also available.

The seeker does not feel whether they are safe or not. But their wards fear of the danger. Let us think about safety.
The harm from real cigarettes is from not nicotine but from tobacco. e-cigarettes may be safer than real cigarettes. But more research is needed before experts can say for sure.

The e-cigarettes may help to quit the real cigarettes. The nicotine. So you could lower the nicotine levels. So will be lowered over time and so the smoker may not crave for nicotine.

You young men don’t run for it immediately. First you run for the doctor for your safety in using them. Lot of theory is to come to modify the methods available now. Any how a time may come to see all the regular smokers turn into e-cigarettes smokers. When the parents come to know about e-cigarettes that they will be useful to put full stop to the tobacco cigarettes, the parents may run for the e-cigarettes to bring them for their children to make them non smokers of tobacco.

If you are a chain smoker and are trying to quit smoking, an electronic cigarette might be just the right option for you. Other options in the market like nicotine gums (that make you cough) or the inhalers, might not really give you the feel or kick that you look forward to while smoking. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices (vaporisers) to substitute the use of tobacco –cigarettes. ‘Vaping’ an e – cigarette gives you the feel of smoking a real cigarette as it works using a heating element that vaporises a liquid called the e – liquid, which contains chemicals like propylene, glycol, glycerine, nicotine, and other added flavours.

Is ‘Vaping’ safe/helpful?

People find e – cigarettes easy to use because most of them look and feel just like the traditional cigarettes. Though they are reusable, disposable variants are also present, which fall under the category of first generation e – cigarettes generally called ‘cigalikes’. The helpfulness and health factors related to Vaping are yet to be realised completely.Nonetheless, it seems to be safer than smoking tobacco. However, nicotine does have certain harmful effects too. It possesses the problem of the e – smoker getting nicotine addicted. The e – liquid in itself contains toxic chemicals in small quantities. Although the toxic contents of the vapours of an e – cigare far less harmful than that of a tobacco, they may have their own side effects.

What are the best brands of E – Cigarettes that one could buy?

The ‘Quit Smoking’ community says that the use of e-cigs can be a smart way to switch your smoking habits. According to their reviews, the best four e-cigs available are:

  • VaporFi: It is the number one e-cig brand available in the market.The recent models from this company provide superior quality vapour and taste. Compared to other brands, the price of its products, devices, and e – liquids are low.
  • MigVapor: it is the best miniature e – cigarette available. Though of the size of a traditional cigarette, it is powerful in its vapour production and taste.
  • V2Cigs: next is the top online retailer of vaporisers V2 electronic cigarettes. Theproducts impart powerful performance and have a huge fan base.
  • Halo Cigs: being an innovator in the field, Halo Cigs can be a choice if you are looking for advanced hardware in e – cigarettes.

How to vape / smoke an E – Cigarette?

For all those smokers who are used to smoking tobacco cigarettes, Vaping or smoking an e- cigarette can be a bit irritating or puzzling, which is very natural, keeping in mind the fact that though they look the same, some differences set the two cigs far apart. A traditional cigarette is but a paper roll with vegetable matter burning while an e – cigarette is a metal / steel tube which haswater based e – liquid being vaporised. Tobacco cigs have tobacco burning at a high temperature whereas an e – cig produces a warm mist ofa chemical based e – liquid.

Anewbie, used to the traditional way of smoking, might find smoking an e – cig quite frustrating because the normal way of drawing quick and short puffs does not work with an e – cig. It might only result in the person ending up with a mouthful of e – liquid. The correct process of vaping is as follows:

  • The first step is to slowly and steadily take in the vapours much like the way one inhales them from a cigar. Using an e – cig, one does not have to draw the vapour into the lungs directly.
  • After having inhaled a mouthful, keep holding it in for 3-5 seconds before taking it in the lungs or exhaling it out.

In case of a traditional cigarette, the nicotine from the tobacco gets absorbed only by the lungs. The case is different with e-cigs, the nicotine first gets absorbed by the mucus membranes followed by the lungs, and the nose, which is the reason why the ‘hit’ the smoker awaits takes about 30 seconds to come, while it takes only 8 seconds in case of a traditional cig. Though vaping might seem a difficult choice, it is a better choice than a tobacco cig and far less harmful. One might want to warm up the atomiser, for which a primary puff (a quick short puff) might help to get the atomiser heated up.

A beginner must always keep certain things in mind beforehe or she starts to vape. One should avoid drawing quick shortpuffs; it only gives the person a mouthful of unpleasant e – liquid. Another thing that is to be abided by is to avoid chain smoking or vaping at all costs. A session should not have more than 7 draws. After a session, give it some rest and come back to it after some time has lapsed. Repeated vaping my cause ailments such as sore throat and taste bud burn out – generally called the “vaper’s tongue”.

How to get rid of the smoking habit using an E – Cigarette?

In other words, how to get the nicotine intake to zero? Relax smokers, don’t be so scared! Although this sounds scary, it isn’t very difficult after all. Take a very slow and steady approach to quitting, if you try to be quick, it will just be an attempt gone wrong. The thing is simple, get comfortable with using an e – cig first and then start mentallypreparing yourself to drop the level of nicotine. It is not aHerculean task, just a step towards a healthy life. Go on, drop a little and take your time to get comfortable to the change.

There arecartridges of e – liquids with different strengths available in market. Some companies like the V2 Cigs offer a wide range of nicotine strengths. When you opt for a medium range, vape it for a couple of months before shifting to low. This slow process of going from high nicotine tolow to no nicotine will really work, if you give it enough time. And once you do it, there’s no looking back!

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