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How to shave genital area?


Getting a sharp device close to your genitals can be threatening; but with training, time, and rehearsal, man scraping can be an simple job. It is advisable to remove the hair from your genitals in your bathroom for the first time since the hairs will be long. Later on it is better to shave your scrotum when you are lying on your bed on your back. It is better or most appropriate to use a double-blade razor to shave. It works better. Regular shaving of your genitals is advisable in this way. There is no need to use a shaving cream for this purpose. The steps involved in shaving your genitals are given below :

  1. Get a blade or trimmer : Before you start with the shaving process it is good to trim your hairs using a good quality blade or trimmer to 1/4″. Longer hair may clog a razor, so short hair is better to shave. Use of a beard trimmer is better than blade or scissors as it cuts shorter. Clippers are even more better with 0 or 1-blade on it, it cuts close enough as a razor blade. It is better not to use a electric razor on the genitals. The skin in this region is very soft and loose it tends to get caught by the shaver which causes immense pain. If your keen in using it, it is better to avoid the center of the underside of the penis and the centre of the scrotum, any cuts cause extreme pain.
  2. Shaving your long hairs in the bathroom first : It is better to shave your scrotum in the bathroom for the first time. Later on you can shave lying on your bed on your back. Shaving cream is not required to shave your scrotum. Double-blade razor give you the best results. If you prefer to use shaving cream then every time you will have to shave in the bathroom. Lying on the bed on your back is the best way to shave your scrotum, sitting down also works.
  3. Attaining right position : Getting the right position to shave it the next task. Chose a private place because this cannot be done in a hurry. A very shallow hot bath is best as the hot water will prepare the area to be shaved better than an shower. In this position your genitals are more accessible and your body is stable. Sitting on the floor too works well.
  4. Use shaving cream for the first time : Lather the area with shaving cream used on sensitive skin. You should avoid using the regular shaving creams which has menthol or heavy scents. Use of antibacterial shaving cream or gel is good too as it causes less irritation.
  5. Use of 3 or 4 blade razor : Using 3 or 4 blade razors are best as you can shave short areas with very light strokes. Shave against the growth of hair, but note that if first you have shaved in the direction of the growth of hair, you will shorten most of them.
  6. Shaving the penis area : Extra care needs to be taken while shaving the penis area. Placing the penis downwards shave the top area upwards to the naval. Holding the penis upwards shave the lower part.
  7. Shaving the scrotum : Shaving the scrotum area is much easier if the skin is extended. Start the shave from the middle part to the sides with extreme care.
  8. Rinse and Dry : Rinse the area shaved using a mild soap and pat dry. Do not rub the towel it causes irritation.
  9. Use antiseptic cream : Apply some antiseptic cream to minimize irritation.