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Why do feet stink? How to avoid socks smell?

Why do feet stink

There are several ways by which you can limit or eliminate the smell of your socks. In fact, it is important that you make the socks smell normal or you may be avoided in public. Here is an instant solution which can readily help you ease out the smell of your socks.

For this you need collect baking soda or you can even make arrangements for activated charcoal. For the purpose you are even in need of scented fabric softener. It is essential that you let in lots of air to enter your shoes. In fact, if there is moisture and bad odour inside the shoe then it can easily get transferred to the socks.

In case there is presence of odour you can make use of baking soda for the reason to neutralize the smell. If possible you can even keep activated bag of charcoal within the shoes. After you return home in the evening you can try with the charcoal therapy.

It is important that you wear new socks each day. If you wear the same pair of socks for too long time then bad odour will automatically develop and you are sure to get that unnecessary attention in public.

It is important that you get your socks washed regularly and after it gets dry you can even make use of a scented fabric softener which would genuinely help the socks stay out of smell for long.

Individuals wearing socks and shoes suffer from the problem of stinking feet.  It is basically due to the sweat eating bacteria. Since, your feet stays in a closed environment for a long time, it comes into the contact of bacteria due to the sweat granules present in it. The secretion of bacteria has a strong odor that results in causing bad smell on your feet. You must also know that each human feet constitutes more than 2, 50,000 sweat glands which works in producing pint of sweat in it. A lot of bacteria also get the chance to eat.

The situation of your feet may not be so pathetic if it is placed in open air. But, since it is wrapped in shoes and socks, the sweat gets trapped inside.  This is want the bacteria would always wish. The favorite environment for them is dark and damp place. This is what is available inside your socks and shoes. As soon as you take out shoes from your feet, not only you who can feel the stink, rather the people staying around you in such environment would vigorously vomit due to the bad smell.

Why is it more in some people?

The stinking smell can be mild for a group of people but for others it is quite strong. This can be due to variance in your foot odor. Some people may sweat more vigorously as compared to others.  Your feet will smell as soon as you sweat more and vigorously. Also the food you eat plays a vital role in making your feet stink. If you are a non vegetarian and continuously consume meat in huge quantity, your body odor will be very strong. Thus with every sweat the stink will be unbearable.

How to avoid socks smell?

Since the main reason of socks odor is sweat present in your feet that is used by the bacteria to produce the stinking smell, reduction of sweat in the particular area can reduce the smell in socks. The load of bacteria will automatically get reduced.

Some of the tips of reducing socks smells are:

  • You must wear clean socks which does not contain sweat and odor of previous day. Rather, it will be better to change fresh socks every day.
  • After every wearing, you must allow 24 hours time to air out after completing each wear. This will help the sweat to evaporate.
  • You must use an anti bacterial soap to wash your feet so that bacterial attack is removed from your feet. It might not help lessen the sweat bout would kill the bacteria with every sweat.
  • It will be good for you to avoid the shoes which are highly restrictive. On eof such variety is boots. You must try out the shoes with well ventilation that will help whisk away the sweat completely.
  • It is better to wear the socks that have absorbent material. Cotton will be the best option over here.
  • Application of antiperspirant is important