How to Look Younger: Fashion and Lifestyle Tips

How to Look Younger: Fashion and Lifestyle Tips

It’s every man’s dream to look young, especially when one approaches forty. To be on the wrong side of forty is something undesirable yet, inevitable but, one has to accept the age as it is. It’s quite natural for every middle-aged man to cling to that lost youth as they try out various ways to feel and look young.

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Ways to Look Younger

1. Remove unwanted hair

Stay away from mustache or beard as facial hair will make you look older than what your age depicts. Just an unshaven face will have an impact on your appearance. Not only does shaving make you look younger, it also helps in keeping the skin healthy. When you shave, all the dead cells of the skin slough off and help stimulate collagen production which nurtures the skin making it look younger.

As you grow old, you’ll have unwanted hair, especially in ears and nose. Keep those trimmed to appear younger. If your hair has turned gray, color your hair to bolster your youthful image.

2. Change Your Hairstyle to Look Younger

Get a new haircut, or at least trim your hair neatly to get a well-groomed look. Keeping your hair cropped will also help with problems like graying hair or hair fall. Consult with a professional hairstylist to pick the best cut for yourself.

3. Go for colorful clothes

Try out different color combinations over and above the regular shades to carry that youthful vigor and passion. An innovative design with attractive color outfit will certainly make you look much younger. However, trying out designs and colors suitable for teens may make you look awkward, as you are approaching middle age after all.

Lifestyle Changes to Stay Younger than Your Age

Care for your skin

Applying moisturizer regularly tones up the skin and helps to maintain it in great shape, while dryness aids in aging and makes your skin look dull

When you need to spend long hours in the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen as ultra-violet rays of the sun break down skin fibers causing it to sag and lose elasticity making your appearance look dull.


Regular exercise of any form reduces fat, improves body posture, increases metabolism and work towards slowing down cell aging. These all contribute towards maintaining a youthful image. According to findings, regular exercise has an impact on the skin making it appear more youthful.

Good food habits

What you eat is how you look like goes the saying. Care should be taken to avoid sugar as much as possible. According to reports, too much sugar in the bloodstream damages collagen, as also destroys skin elasticity. Try to avoid fried and spicy food as it affects the skin and has an impact on the appearance.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Every peg of cocktail or a glass of beer will rob the youthful glow from your appearance. As drinking causes the blood vessels to dilate, it affects the skin by causing you to flush. Also according to findings, alcohol dehydrates you making your skin look dull. Smoking affects the skin, teeth, and the body and aggravates aging. The solution to the problem lies in quitting both.

So, just because you have crossed that forty year mark, it does not mean you have to look like that. Take care of yourself and looking younger will come naturally.

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