How to Look Taller: Styling Tips for Shorter Men

How to Look Taller: Styling Tips for Shorter Men

Height sometimes does play a part in shaping one’s personality, as taller men often seem to enjoy an extra privilege. Being naturally tall bolsters the image in the eyes of others. It is very common for shorter men to aspire for that extra inch. Here are a few things you can try to look taller, reshaping your personality and image.

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Ways to make yourself look taller

Tips about clothes

1. Try wearing monochromatic colors

Avoid wearing contrasting colors to make your appearance more polished. Try to be consistent when choosing the colors, especially a darker shade will create an impression of height. When wearing different shades, try to carry the darker shades towards the lower portion of your body, as wearing dark trousers with light color shirts creates a lengthening effect. The opposite seems to make you look shorter.

2. Choose vertical patterns over horizontal ones

Vertical stripes have a slimming effect while the horizontal ones have a widening effect. It’s a kind of visual effect that crops up in the eyes of others when they follow your clothing patterns. Horizontal patterns seem to make you look wider as the eyes naturally tend to follow them to the sides of the body. So, wear narrow vertical stripes to make you look both taller and slimmer.

3. Choose close-fitting outfits

A loose shirt makes you look unorganized, conveying a message that you are unable to find the right size owing to your short height. When shopping, buy fitting clothes to avoid signaling that message. Don’t wear jackets that hang loosely around the armpits, and avoid trousers with hanging cloth around the groin.

4. Wear V-necks

When you wear V-necks, your neck gets stretched out creating an illusion of length.

5. Choosing the appropriate shirt

Abstain from short-sleeved shirts: Wearing short-sleeved shirts will expose the limbs, making them appear even shorter, whereas, full sleeved shirts keep the arms covered, preventing the problem.

Pick shorter shirts: Wearing shirts a little shorter and not tucking into the trouser elongates the legs, making them look longer.

6. Picking up suitable trousers

“No break” patterns: Shorter guys should opt for a no break look in their pants. In no break trousers, a continuous line from the top of the trouser to the bottom is created which makes the legs look longer.

Wear trousers at the waistline rather than at the hips which can make your legs look short and thick.

Wearing the right accessories to appear taller

1. Skinny ties

A narrow tie keeps the eye up and down the body and apparently makes you look taller than you are.

2. Same color belts

Contrast colored belts tend to break the line of the outfit, making you look shorter. If you do use a belt, try using one of the same color as that of your trousers, or better skip it.

Shoes that make you look taller

Wearing high-heeled shoes can add up to your height physically. However, you should be careful when buying, as enormous heels can make you tilt, while sometimes it may look a bit embarrassing as well.

You can try out specially designed sneakers meant to look tall. Dress shoes with insoles are another option you can go for.

Hairstyles: Another way to accentuate your height

Some suggest keeping short hair as it elongates the neck, exhibiting an impression of height whereas long hair hides the neck.

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