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How to Look Older: Tips for Men to Look Grown-Up

Looking young forever is a dream everyone has. However, sometimes men with boyish looks may get annoyed with their appearance, searching for ways to look older. Beard and mustache can lend a grown-up look, so guys may cut a sorry state of affairs when they possess a lesser amount of facial hair. But, they can build up an adult image by carrying themselves in a different manner and wearing outfits that make them look grown up.

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Mature body language

Body language reflects your personality to a great extent – maybe to that extent to change your entire outlook. So, make sure to:

  • Control involuntary movement of hands and legs.
  • Try to look calm and confident instead of fidgeting.
  • Maintain eye contact while speaking.
  • Try not to look down while walking.
  • Walk and sit straight.

Preferring shirts over t-shirts

Guys tend to look more confident and mature in shirts than in t-shirts. However, you needn’t wear formal shirts only, as sober, trendy and designer shirts work well in lending a grown up look.

Following a training regime to build a bit of muscles

A well toned up body adds volumes to your personality, lending an older look while boosting your image as well as confidence.

Avoiding body hugging clothes

Skinny people look even thinner in tight fitting costumes which make them look younger. Shirts and trousers should not be too tight or too loose.

Avoiding long and unruly hair

Long and unruly hair is very much compatible with teenagers as are the too short hairstyles. Hair should neither be too long nor too short, while it should also be parted and combed in a neat manner as it gives a more adult look.

Honing conversational skills

Some tips on the art of conversation:

  • Avoid talking too fast.
  • Don’t be rude or too noisy while speaking. Being too soft spoken is not an option either. Moderation holds the key in the art of conversation.
  • Staying updated with the latest news and happenings by reading newspapers, magazines, books as it paves the way for a mature conversation.
  • Adding a bit of humor while speaking.

Tips for accessories

  • Wearing trendy and colorful designer watches fitted with nylon and rubber bands goes very well with the teens. Wearing a heavy watch with metal bands lends a grown-up look.
  • Tie clips, cufflinks or just a fragrance of good cologne all gives a feeling of an adult person.
  • Colorful and designer shoes or sneakers are typical of teens when life is careless. Formal yet trendy footwear ooze out a more mature personality.

This, after all, does not signify that to look older you should only wear boring clothing. Of course, you have the liberty to try out fashionable accessories.

At the end of the day, try not to be too concerned with your appearance, as with age the youthful look will come handy and will be envied by others later on in life. On the contrary, cherish your appearance as it is.