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How to increase sexual excitement – Sexual Arousal and pleasure

How to increase sexual excitement

Sexual arousal and excitement can be stimulated in both the partners by the surrounding atmosphere, by special actions and by certain products used for the purpose of making love. Sex is one of the most exciting activities giving pleasure, it is fun, and it is good for health and can make one feel great, so one should try ways and means to arouse sexual desire.

Herbal Preparation

There are many herbs available in the market are cinnamon, roseroot, ginger, ginseng, horny goat weed, damiana, maca, muira and many more. These herbs help in arousing sexual desire by their taste, smell and increase blood circulation by psychologically stimulating the nerves. These herbs can be taken as medicines or by adding spices to food.

Proper Cleanliness and Hygiene

Some erotic scents from the human body awaken sexual arousal. There are some smell receptors in the nose that become active when a person is sexually aroused. The body also secretes some substances with a smell which are diffused if the body is not perfectly clean.

Erotic Perfumes

Some erotic perfumes trigger sexual excitement in both the partners. These perfumes are special for both men and women. It must be remembered that perfumes with flowery smells smell good but are not good for sexual arousal.

Sexy clothes and Make-up

Sensual outer attire and sexy under garments can excite each other by triggering the erotic fantasy by shapes and colors. Attractive clothes are like an invitation to erotic activities. These clothes should partially expose the intimate areas. Certain light make-up of eyes brig out the attractive traits of the face.  A simple natural hair cut also increases the excitement of the partner.

Romantic Atmosphere

A romantic atmosphere can be created by making the surroundings tidy and colorful.  Warm colors should be used for the bed linen and carpets. The temperature of the bed room needs to be kept comfortable. The romantic picture should be completed by a relaxing and pleasant music. Dim profuse light is ideal to create a sexual atmosphere.

A Sensual Meal

Food plays a vital part in enhancing one’s sexual arousing or in having the opposite effect. A sensual meal contains of food consisting of aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger cardamom etc.A cup of coffee or tea also arouses sexual mood. Small amount of alcohol helps in taking away tension and worries from the mind and leaves place for erotic thoughts and feelings in the mind. Heavy drinking on the other hand destroys all sexual desires.

Sex Related Pictures and Videos

Looking at   erotic pictures and watching erotic videos in a calm and comfortable atmosphere by the partners can help in creating a right mood for sex.

Foreplay and Sexual Massage

The foreplay plays an important part in increasing  excitement .There are many things that can included in the foreplay. Kisses and caresses are the basics of foreplay. The process of gently undressing , sitting in different positions, sitting closer, gently striking the intimate zones of each other’s body add to the foreplay. Massage helps in relaxing a tired body and stimulating the erotic feelings.

Sexual Arousal by adopting different methods plays a vital role in having a successful sexual life full of pleasure and excitement

Home remedies

The route to ultimate sexual satisfaction can go through your stomach. Certain edibles are natural aphrodisiac and have been extensively used as a home remedy to fuel your libido. These foods perform the vital act of balancing of sex hormones in the body. The hormonal imbalance is one of the most prevalent causes of low libido in both men and women. Zinc is considered to possess supreme aphrodisiac properties. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc mineral. It takes the level of testosterone level notches higher, resulting in greater sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Taking only a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds every day will prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

If pumpkin seeds aren’t easily available, you can also try watermelon which has a similar Viagra-like helps in the relaxation of the blood vessels and improves the blood flow in the genitals. Increased blood flow allows more lubrication and arousal of the tissues.

Stay positive and confident

Stress is the most common psychological factor that comes hinders your libido and the goal to attain orgasm. Stress management therefore becomes an integral step for maintaining a healthy sexual life. Instead of taking antidepressant medicines, opt for natural stress relievers like antioxidant. You will find plenty of antioxidants in citrus fruits. Communicating with your partner about your problems is a wonderful way to increase the bonding between the two. Engaging yourself in creative activities is another great stress buster, involve your lover in it and spend some quality time together.